4 Easy Home Decor DIY Projects with Easy to Get Supplies

If you’re anything like me, you need to keep making things during this crazy time. I’ve always felt that creating is like therapy for me! However, DIYs can be a little tricky these days without being able to leave the house. So I’ve gathered up some easy home decor DIY projects you can make with supplies on hand at home or readily available online.

easy home decor DIY furniture leg update
couch ottoman with updated furniture legs

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DIY Furniture Leg Updates

Ok, this update is so insanely easy I couldn’t believe I waited so long to do it. We’ve had our couch for a few years now & I absolutely love it. The only thing I didn’t care for were the black squared tapered legs that felt very 80’s to me. I somehow missed that detail during our couch shopping.

Enter, these Wood Furniture Legs! Simple, modern and makes a big impact. Furniture legs have pretty standard screws but just double check yours before ordering (some legs have a screw & bolt combo to be aware of, you’ll need a different type for that). Because you can order these online and don’t need any tools, this is a super easy home decor DIY that I can’t pass up!

thrift store entry table painted with black chalk paint
thrift store table painted chalk paint black

Easy Home DIY – Paint it Black

Ok, “paint it black” is pretty much my motto these days. Whether it’s a wall, stool, vase, or planter, let me just paint it black. Black has so much to offer! Contrast, depth, and magically turns the most outdated piece into something interesting.

planter pot DIY with black paint
black paint stripe adds a modern touch on inexpensive planter

I’ve started color blocking my old planter pots and they instantly feel like something new & fresh. If you don’t have buckets of black paint laying around, I do have a few online favorites.

easy home decor DIY planter with black color block
color block planters using painter’s tape for clean lines

I use this Rich Black Chalk Paint for just about everything (including our entryway table and those planter). And although I haven’t tried this one specifically, I love almost every Rustoleum product and have this Black Milk Paint in my shopping cart!

DIY Framed Calendar Print

DIY framed calendar page as artwork
framed calendar page for quick DIY artwork

I’m a big fan of framing anything and especially love reusing calendars as artwork. The calendars from Fox Hollow Studios are one of my favorites & I don’t wait until the end of the year – I take out the pages after each month passes.

simple watercolor calendar makes a great candidate for framing

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Once I started making these, I just can’t stop. Simple & modern – just how I like my DIY’s. Using a leftover metal hoops from my modern holiday wreath, I simply looped long pieces of string of varying lengths around the rim of the hoop.

DIY yarn wall hanging

I made an asymmetrical hanging with this black macrame string and a tapered hanging with the same string but in natural. You could also use wood embroidery hoops and other types of string or yarn. (I’ll be making a complete tutorial for this soon!)

easy home decor DIY projects with supplies readily found at home or online

Easy Home Decor DIY Project Supplies

These are my go to supplies & easily available at home or online: