One Room Challenge Week 6- Living Room Refresh Update

So here we are, two weeks to the finish line! Apparently, I’m more comfortable sprinting rather than running marathons as this space will likely come together in final few days. But, I have made some progress in pulling together this living room refresh!

living room refresh progress

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art prints from juniper print shop
New artwork from Juniper Print Shop!

First, let me start off by saying that most of last week was spent learning, reflecting and taking action with the growing civil rights movement taking place in our country and globally. This is a time to listen and change.

I appreciate the folks at One Room Challenge who put the design event on hold last week to recognize this movement.Also, if you connect with me on Instagram, you can some of my related posts there along with resources I’ve saved and shared in my highlights.

boho area rug
Emlenton Boho Rug

As I eased back into design, I had to make some tough decisions about this space. Initially, I had some huge ideas for the fireplace. I was thinking accent walls, wood beams, and perhaps even more paint.

Framed Art Prints from Juniper Print Shop

But, after careful consideration (and losing two weeks to being under the weather and isolated), I decided to hold off on these plans. Mostly, these solutions felt like a rushed temporary bandaid. I think ultimately, I’d love a more complete, modern fireplace situation – but that will have to wait!

So, what’s left? Here’s my to do list to hopefully get me across the finish line!

Living Room Refresh To Do List:

  • Find couch (arriving Monday!)
  • Paint Piano (read more about it here)
  • Update Fireplace (not going to happen)
  • Install Wall Sconces
  • Add bookcase
  • Decide on coffee table (first idea fell through) Considering one of these: Folsom Pine or Tate Coffee Table
  • Select artwork
  • Frame artwork (half way done!)
  • Choose Chairs??? ( I am likely running out of time here)
  • Select rug (this one arrived!)
  • Style Space

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    1. HI Rachel, Thank you so much for the encouragement! I’m hoping it all comes together! – Allisa

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