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The Best Modern Ceiling Fans Under $200

One thing I learned during this whole remodel, is that design doesn’t really mean much without function. It’s easy to find pretty things and gather up loads of inspiration, but it can be tricky to make it all work in an actual house with quirks and a place where real people will live. This became even more obvious when I realized we needed a ceiling fan. So, I set out to find the prettiest modern ceiling fans for our space and I found a good list, all under $200!

family room with ceiling fan

So, even though I was hoping to stay under $200, the fan I ultimately chose comes in at a bit more. After careful consideration and factoring in what a focal point this would be, I landed on the Hunter Cranbrook Fan in Black. However, I found many other fantastic options, all flush mount and with lights.

Gone are the days of cheapy looking wood, dangly chains, and frosted glass domes shaking precariously just feet away. Now, there are so many choices for clean, simple, and actually attractive fans. I’ve gathered up some of top contenders – all under $200!

modern ceiling fans
  1. Black and Wood Ceiling Fan – similar to the fan I chose, also from Hunter, a modern fan company
  2. Matte Black Flush Low Profile Fan – includes remote control and LED light
  3. All White Contemporary Fan with Light – silent motor and adjustable light temperature
  4. Hunter White and Wood Flush Mount Fan with Remote Control – reversible blades for other looks
  5. Honeywell Modern Brushed Silver Ceiling Fan – mounting options for low and high ceilings
  6. Modern Silver Ceiling Fan – reversible motor for summer and winter

Ceiling Fan Tips

  • Choose fan size based on room size
  • Consider flush mount for smaller spaces
  • Keep an eye out for reversible blades to mix up the design
  • Think about how it will function (remote vs pull chain)
  • Do you need a light with the fan?

For functionality, I chose ceiling fans with lights, many of which include the option to adjust light temperature. This is a huge bonus! Curious to learn more how this affects your space – check out my guide on Warm Light vs Cool Light.

Favorite amazon ceiling fans
modern fan on vaulted ceiling
{ceiling fan with down rod by hallmark floors}

As a visual person, I like researching completed spaces to really get an idea of fan options. This family room certainly is off to a good start with their design! The vaulted ceiling makes a hanging ceiling fan not only an option but necessary for air movement.

How do I choose ceiling fan size?

I was wondering this too! Because our family room was really small and had 8′ ceilings, I chose a flush mount fan. This means the fixture is close to the ceiling, not hanging down from a down rod.

For ceiling fan size, you’ll want to consider how large the room is (length x width) plus whether you need flush mount or down rod (how far down the fan hangs). I suggest using a Ceiling Fan Size Guide to double check all the variables.


What is a Reversible Motor on a Ceiling Fan?

After comparing fans, you might have noticed mention of a reversible motor. This is a game changer! A reversible motor means that the blades can spin in both directions depending on the setting. This makes it useful throughout the year.

During the warmer summer months, the fan can circulate air downward keeping things cool. Then, during the winter, use the reverse function to recirculate warmer air down. Both of these helps save on A/C and heating costs making fans a really energy efficient addition for the home!

More Contemporary Ceiling Fan Inspiration

I love this sleek black fan. It adds a contemporary touch, though I hope it’s not too low in this cozy living room!

pretty bedroom ceiling fan
{unknown source}

I think this wood blade fan is the perfect choice for this space! The natural wood adds warmth and softens up the minimalist, black and white bedroom.

Final Thoughts

Finding a contemporary ceiling fan is possible! It just take a bit of looking and comparing. Hopefully my guide helped round up some of the best making it easier to find ways to improve air circulation in your living spaces.

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