One Room Challenge – Living Room Inspiration

Well, I wish I had more progress to share for this week of the One Room Challenge. If you’ve followed along on Instagram, you might know I’ve been under the weather which has made it difficult to be productive at all with this makeover! I am taking a moment here to pause, edit, and reflect on my living room inspiration.

living room inspiration for casual boho design

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First, I’m taking some time to edit. For me, this involves deciding what works and what needs to change. I have decide that the vintage dresser is right at home in this space and will not be changed (just the styling). The rest of the room though, is another story!

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I’ve learned from past room makeovers that it follows a pattern; my initial period of excitement, then a sense of doubt and anxiety, and if I push through, ultimately a positive result. To deal with this sense of failure and doubt, I always go back to what I know works for me (contrast!) and reflect on sources of inspiration (like my Living Room Ideas Pinterest Board).

Living Room Inspiration

cozy and casual living room inspiration with neutral decor and contrasting details
Article Alcott Rain Cloud Sofa

I love this soft gray tufted sofa from Article, the elevated casual design puts it right at the top of my list for a new sofa (we’ve gone so long without one!). The neutral tones and plants are speaking my language in this photo.

casual art gallery wall with mix and match art prints and sizes
Art Gallery Wall with Juniper Print Shop Prints

Casual gallery walls with a variety of sizes is also a source of living room inspiration for me! I’ve selected several prints from Juniper Print Shop and am excited to style them for a cozy, relaxed space.

minimal living room inspiration with textured details and leather sofa
West Elm Hamilton Sofa – Vegan Leather

Finally, I’ll be using vegan leather for another dose of texture and contrast in the living room. Whether it is with a Vegan Leather Sofa (I love this one from West Elm) or with a throw pillows, like these from Woven Nook.

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  1. It’s been so fun following along on this space ! I can’t wait till next weeks !

    1. Hi Jenna! I’m so happy to hear that. I’m hoping it will all come together very soon! Thanks for following along, Allisa

  2. It’s been so fun following along this space👍

  3. The fireplace came out great! I’ve been wanting to do it and after seeing your post I’m going to whitewash mine this weekend. On the paint did you buy interior or exterior ? Also, was it semi gloss, matte?

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you! I think you’re looking at the brick fireplace right? I used interior paint in a matte finish. Good luck, let me know how yours turns out!

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