5 Must Have​​ Shelf Decor Items for Intentional Design

Shelf styling can feel a little bit like a puzzle. You’ve got the pieces, but how to arrange them? You might’ve checked out my shelf styling tips for some pointers with this, but what if you’re missing some of the pieces? Let me help! Because I will naturally put a shelf on any blank wall I see, I’ve got some experience in this whole shelf styling business. Oh, and I help make shelf brackets. But, truly, I’ve found there are some essential shelf decor items to keep in my shelf styling tool belt. I’m sharing those here today, along with some shelf inspiration. 

shelf decor items for floating shelves
Laundry Room Floating Shelf via 

Shelf Decor Items

1. Greenery

Whether it be real, dried or faux every shelf benefits from a little (or a lot) of greenery.  If you’ve got a green thumb, live plants with volume and an interesting shape work well with simple Black Ceramic Planters or  White Ceramic Pots.

Wanting something more low maintenance? These Faux Eucalyptus Stems or this Dried Caspia would make pretty shelf decor. 


kitchen shelf decor
Kitchen Shelf Decor – Conklin House

2. Artwork

Any sort of art is an essential shelf decor item in my opinion. Bonus points if it has a little bit of height or dimension. I’ve shared some of my favorite art prints previously and this Antler Study Art Print adds a lot of interest (it’s beautiful, we have it in the beach house!) 

shelf decor items for effortless shelves
Beautifully styled kitchen shelves from Modern Nest Photography

3. Black and White Vessels 

Vases, jars, bowls, pots, cups – you name it, anything black or white makes shelves feel less cluttered and make the other details shine.  You probably have some in your home decor arsenal already, but can you have too many?

shelf styling tips and decor
Wall Shelf Perfection from Little Joy Market

4. Clocks

I never thought too much about them, and now I’m pretty sure every room needs one. Not only are they practical but they are sort of symbolic in making the shelf feel alive and three dimensional. I have this Round Brass Clock and love it! 

shelf decor for modern farmhouse shelves
Simple Rustic Shelf via 

5. Something Metal

Ok, that seems sort of vague I know. But if you scroll through all these shelves (or shelves on my Modern Farmhouse board), you’ll probably see some metal! Like adding glass, wood, or greenery including metal adds more interest and depth to your shelves.  

modern minimal shelf decor finds for simple and easy shelf styling
  1. Geometric Gold and Silver Vase Set of 2
  2. Faux Fern Potted Plant
  3. Modern Art Print Antler Study
  4. Small Ceramic Planter Pots
  5. Modern Round Brass Clock
  6. Set of 4 Botanical Prints in Various Sizes
  7. Mercury Glass Votive Holder – Gold, Silver & Other Finishes
  8. Small Ceramic Planter in Black or White
  9. Cute Greige Ceramic Vase
  10. Reed Diffuser

There you have it, 5 Must-Have Shelf Decor Items to solve your shelf styling puzzle!