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9 Modern Wall Mirrors & How to Choose

Mirror, mirror on the wall… where’s the best placement of them all? Ok, in my opinion, wall mirrors are one of the best wall decor options out there because they serve a variety of functions. Number one, they’re functional (if you know me, that’s my focus!) plus they bring a lot to the design party. However, it can be tricky choosing the right mirror and figuring out just where to place it. I’ve got you covered with 9 of my favorite modern wall mirrors ideas plus answers to common questions. 

enytrway wall mirror

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wall mirror Tips

  • Generally, mirrors are placed at eye level (meaning a person of average height, looks at the middle of the mirror)
  • Mirror size should be about 2/3 the size of the furniture right below it (like a console table placement)
  • Wall Mirrors should be proportionate (so a tall, narrow wall needs a vertical, thin mirror)
  • Choose a mirror shape needed for the room (if everything is boxy, go for a round or arched mirror!)

Wall Mirror Guide

living room with arch mirror above fireplace mantel

How big should a wall mirror be?

In general, wall mirrors should be proportionate to the wall size and furniture. A mirror above a console table or bathroom vanity should be about 2/3 the length of those pieces.

Smaller mirrors will seem like they’re just floating around. Larger mirror may make the furniture feel like it’s in a fun house!

A mirror placed on a space without furniture around should be in a proportion to the wall. For example, a tall thin mirror would work well with a narrow, high area A room with more of an open space might need a larger, fuller mirror.

9 wall mirror decor ideas
  1. Pharmacy Mirror with Shelf
  2. Wood Bead Round Mirror
  3. Wood Arched Mirror
  4. Oblong Wood Wall Mirror
  5. Over the Mantel Arch Mirror
  6. Rounded Mirror with Shelf
  7. Metal Rectangle Mirror with Rounded Corners
  8. Oval Wall Mirror
  9. Rounded Corner Wood Mirror
round mirror in entryway

How do you choose the shape of a wall mirror?

Ok, building on mirror size, shape is incredibly important. I like to think less about what I “like” and more about what the space “needs.” (This is a good strategy for all home decor in general!)

So, I might look at a room and say, “wow, there are a lot of boxy things in here (maybe we’ve got picture frames, rectangular tables, windows, etc.) this space NEEDS some movement and round shapes. I would then begin my search for a round or arched mirror.

Mirror shape can also “fill in” empty space in a room. For example, an asymmetrical rounded mirror will visually take up more space on the wall than a squared mirror with similar dimensions.

black rounded rectangle bathroom mirror

Where should a wall mirror be placed?

Where exactly do we place wall mirrors? In general, thsoey work best at eye level. As a shorter person, I realize this may not mean exactly my eye level, but someone with average height would be looking at the middle of the mirror.

One thing to consider for wall mirror placement is what it will be reflecting. Sometimes, that may help determine if a mirror is right for the space.

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    For example, if placed in a hallway, it would just reflect the wall directly on the other side. This would likely feel weird. Or, if a mirror is an entryway and reflects a messy coat area, you may not want to see double of that image!

    Note: Hanging a mirror can be tough so use the correct hardware and an installation guide. Note: floor mirrors or full length mirrors often lean on the floor or be placed so they function to see your whole outfit!


    Do mirrors make a room look bigger?

    Short answer is YES! Mirrors are definitely a bit of magic and can give the illusion of a brighter, larger room.

    When placed across from windows, they will reflect all that light to create an overall brighter space. (Since I’m a sucker for natural light, I use this trick often!)

    Tall mirrors will also naturally draw the eye upwards (like most vertical lines, refer back to the 7 Elements of Interior Design to learn more about that!) which creates the feeling of a larger, more open space.

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    asymmetrical wall mirror above fireplace