Hi, I’m Allisa

I am home stylist sharing my ideas and designs to help you create authentic, natural spaces.

My interest in home design has been an unexpected, yet fulfilling journey! I’ve always loved redesigning spaces, even as a young girl sketching out floor plans.

Later in life, while recuperating from a traumatic brain injury, I began to really value how home made me feel. In 2019, with a focus on function and minimalism, I began sharing this journey on Instagram. There, I developed my intense love for black paint & shelf styling!

Now, as a single mom of two boys, I work hard on this design path. I spend part of my day working with my brother at Cascade Iron Co. and the other part here – sharing my home ideas and projects. I find so much joy in helping others create a home they love.

So, I welcome YOU to this space! I hope you find inspiration from my styling tips, designs, and home projects. I encourage you to start here and reach out with any questions or suggestions!

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be


Listening to

tyler childers

grateful for

my two boys

Favorite place

high desert

my weekends

soccer, coffee, plants

favorite color


Where this all began

As with most people, my home is intricately woven into the ups and downs of my personal life.

I started my home design journey, and this site, at a much different stage in life – and a different home. Over the years, things have changed and I’ve lived in a few different houses. You’ll see a mixture of those places represented in the photos and posts.

Now as a single mom (and independent home owner!), I’ve really found my voice and am exploring more about what it means to make a home. While we all have different paths, I hope you can relate to the imperfect, evolving nature of my story!

If you’re curious about how I started this website, check out my Blogging Resources post.