Here you’ll find all my favorite home decor and styling sources along with free guides I’ve made to help you create a home you love!

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Favorite sources:

paint guide

Paint Guide

From a clear layout of warm vs cool colors to a comparison of various sheens, this guide will help you choose the right paint for your next project. Includes the exact neutral paint colors I use as well as real life examples.

Styling Tips

Tackling a space that feels dated and dysfunctional can be overwhelming, however I have specific steps I use with any room. In this FREE 8 page guide, I’m sharing these specific strategies with you here and hope that you find them useful & inspiring!

Shelf Styling

7 Foolproof strategies to style authentic and functional shelving. From open shelves in the kitchen to photo ledges and bookshelves, I’ve got you covered with my tried & true approach to styling any shelf!