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My Home Decor Blogging Resources

This little home decor blog has had quite the journey! There’s been a lot trial and error (a lot of errors, if I’m honest) plus a very steep learning curve. But, ultmately I’m so proud of what I created in efforts of inspiring others in their home decor journey. Over the years, I’ve gathered up effective blogging resources that have completely transformed how I share my ideas. Some of you are interested in creating a home decor blog (or, perhaps you’ve taken then plunge!) so I’m sharing all my strategies and apps I use here.

blogging resources

(Part of my design journey includes sourcing great products and sharing them with you! Naturally, some of my content includes affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and purchase. This commission allows me to write more content and support my two boys, so thank you!)

From the beginning, I hoped this space would become a creative outlet and a space to share my home decor journey. I remember getting the boys settled in school and saying to myself, I really want to do this.  So, I hunkered down, rolled up my sleeves and got started creating this blog. 

  1. Hosting Service
  2. WordPress Theme
  3. Canva for Graphics
  4. SEO Blogging Course
  5. Lightroom Editing App
blogging resources including tools and apps for creating high quality blog posts

While there definitely was a lot to learn, it’s been much smoother than I imagined. There are tons of posts out there with step by step details. I don’t want to recreate the wheel but DO want to share the blogging resources for my WordPress site that work for me.

1. Blog Hosting Service

First, I started with the hosting platform. Some of you may know me from my sewing days. Previously, I used a free hosting site for that blog. It was clunky and glitchy with little room for customization.

This time around I opted for self-hosting. This provides a lot more options and control. After a lot of research, I went with Bluehost for their hosting services. THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO START!

A few years down the road an I switched to Big Scoots. Why change hosting providers? Well, this site wasn’t really performing well on the speed test among a few other issues. Admittedly, I was fully convinced after seeing a few recommendation from website experts who I absolutely trust.

Despite the funny name, my switch to BigScoots has been super easy and I saw some site improvement immediately. Their customer service is mind-blowingly fast ( I mean, it’s like there just waiting for my basic questions to roll in…). Honestly, they have helped with so much behind the scenes including theme changes, diagnosing a few plug in issues, and helping with a domain problem. Made my life so much easier!

rosemary theme from restored 316

2. WordPress Theme

Ok, this is where I admit to you that I sort of bungled things at the beginning years ago. I tried a variety of themes from different developers. I focused only on how easy it was and what it looked like.

Ugh. Doing this just made a mess of things. I had NO IDEA how crucial a theme was to user experience, search results, and overall site functionality. The themes I purchased were clunky and harder to use then they should’ve been. I never even shared them as a resource because I just couldn’t recommend them to others!

And then, I found Restored 316! I researched the hell out of themes and options and spent months debating whether to make the switch. I ultimately landed on their Rosemary Theme (the example shows food, but it works with so many other blog topics!).

website design

After making the change from Genesis to Kadence with Restored 316, I immediately felt a sense of relief and excitement. My site *finally* felt like what I always hoped it could be.

Finally, it’s easier to navigate with so many search options like topics, menus, tabs, etc.

Not only are the folks there SUPER friendly and helpful, it feels like a big support group. I found the documentation easy to follow (and when I got stuck, my questions were answered immediately. I cannot imagine ever making another switch after finding Restored 316 themes.

canva mood board

3. Canva for Blog Graphics

Wondering how to create blog graphics? For years, I’ve used Canva, an online design site. And honestly, I’m not sure what I’d do without it.

I use Canva almost daily to create home decor mood boards, Pinterest worthy blog images, Instagram story templates, and infographics (like my Wood Flooring Comparison Guide outlining floor options).

There is a lot of free options, but the Canva Pro version is next level and opens up a whole bunch of items to make it one of my favorite blogging resources that I can’t do without.

accent chair design board
Easy to create design boards, like this collection of Low Profile Accent Chairs

Canva makes it ridiculously easy to create clear graphics, like my design boards, with a variety of layouts, photographs, and templates available for your design.

4.SEO Course for Blogging

I know SEO (search engine optimization) sounds boring and probably not the main reason you’re starting a blog site. But hear me out.

SEO is not only a necessity it is a *game changer*!

Basically, SEO is how people will find your blog. (There’s more to it, but in a nutshell that’s it). Without good SEO no one will find you.

I THOUGHT I had this all figured out. Then I came up Eb Garbano’s Productive Blogging courses and holy smokes, these blew my mind. In here SEO Jumpstart Course, she managed to take a very boring and complicated topic and made it so easy and clear to implement. I saw results almost instantly and have seen marked improvements ever since.

seo courses

Without a doubt, this SEO course is one of the VERY BEST investments I’ve made towards blogging professionally.

5.Lightroom Photo Editing App

I use Lightroom mobile app which includes many of the sophisticated editing tools in an easy to use format.

lightroom app from adobe


There you have it, my list of favorite blogging resources to save time and create content! I’ll add to this list when I discover new apps and tools.

top blogging resources that save time and create high quality content