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5 Empty Wall Decor Ideas

Without a doubt, one of the most common home questions I hear is what to do with an empty wall? Whether it’s a large bare wall in a living room or a vertical wall in a hallway, a blank space can post a home styling challenge. Here, I’m sharing some of my go to empty wall decor ideas.

woven baskets on wall
Pottery Barn Wall Baskets

Now, before we start, I’ll add that artwork is a great way to decorate a wall. However, you probably know that already and have come here for more ideas.

So, I’ve left artwork out of this post but you can find my Favorite Art Prints if you want to go that route.

bench with wall shelf and art work in entryway

1. Put a Shelf on It

No surprise here. Putting up a wall shelf is one of my favorite ways for decorating an empty wall. 

Shelves bring so much more than just a spot to put things. The add dimension to the space – helpful for super boxy rooms without character. 

The material chosen like wood or metal can add texture and contrast  (Some of the key design elements!) 

  • Boxy or flat room
  • Add extra storage
  • Create a custom element like a built in or space above toilet
  • Customizable for wall size. For example, for wide walls use long, horizontal shelving

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bathroom with wood shelves and wall decor
Bathroom Shelves

2. Alternative Art

Regular artwork is a classic standby, I’m not really including it here on the list. From gallery walls to large art prints, these can come in handy for decorating empty walls. But what about moving beyond that? 

Using alternative items for art is one of my favorite ways to add character to a space. It also helps with challenging walls that are maybe super narrow. 

I have an entire post about Art Print Alternatives but here are some of my top favorites:

  • Yarn Hangings
  • Baskets
  • Vintage Wood Pieces
  • Mirrors
  • Hanging Plants

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living room with fireplace, rug, table, chairs, mirror, and wall sconces

3. Wall Sconces

Yep, adding a wall sconce is a great way to decorate an empty space. In fact, adding a light fixture is one of my favorite empty wall decor ideas!

Wall sconces add both functionality and design. Perfect for a tall vertical wall or areas around a fireplace or bookcase.

Plus, there are so many options for plug in and battery options, there’s no need to worry about wiring (see post below)!

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4. Accent Wall 

Creating an accent wall either with contrasting paint, wood patterns, or tile in the bathroom is another awesome empty wall decor idea. 

I often use black paint to create really moody, rich accent walls. You might add some decor but it overall feels less bare. 

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boho bedroom decor with wood headboard and large white wall

5. Do Nothing! 

Building on the accent wall idea, one last tip for empty walls is to just do nothing! That’s right. Let go of the pressure of adding something to every single wall. 

It’s ok to let spaces breathe and allow for some negative space to exist (meaning, space without added detail).  

Some walls I leave intentionally bare because they get great natural light during the day or would take away from something really interesting nearby. 

neutral entryway with basket and wall decor

I hope this post inspires your home styling with some empty wall decor ideas!