How to Style a Photo Ledge – 3 Tips for Effortless Design

Any one else struggle with the space above your sofa? I know I sure did. For years, I scouted solutions and looked for large art pieces that I could full commit to. Luckily, I landed upon the photo ledge idea. This provided that size and length so difficult to achieve on what is usually a very large wall and also offered the option of changing out art on a whim! Here, I’m sharing how to style a photo ledge with some of my favorite design tips!

In my previous home, I made a DIY photo ledge, but for this space, I was so glad to receive this gorgeous handmade maple wood photo ledge from Rowe Station Woodworks. It’s so well made and was easy to install.

wood photo ledge
modern artwork above sofa

There are so many reasons I love photo ledges, but mostly, I love how they give me freedom to change my mind and mix things up without putting a bunch of holes in the wall! Depending on the season, my mood, or even just new pieces, I like being able to switch up my art and play around with styling.

How to Style a Photo Ledge

photo ledge styling tips

Styling Tip #1 – Mix Up the Artwork

To keep things fresh and modern, I like mixing up artwork – using a variety of abstract, landscapes, and modern prints (check out some of my favorites down below).

Sticking with neutral colors helps make the artwork still feel cohesive. I love finding digital artwork which makes it easier to change out. I’ve shared some of my tips for buying Online Art Prints to make the whole process easier!

flight art print on photo ledge

Styling Tip #2 – Use Other Objects

When styling a photo ledge, I like to use other items in addition to art! A simple little vase with a dried stem adds some height and makes good use of a little extra space.

variety of art prints on wood photo ledge

Styling Tip #3 – Include a Variety of Frames

Using a variety of frame sizes and orientation (horizontal and vertical) makes the photo ledge styling feel modern and more than a general gallery wall.

how to style a photo ledge

I like to keep the frame widths similar but often mix and match the finishes (mostly black and white oak). This frame guide from Artifact Uprising is also super helpful)

Favorite Artwork for Photo Ledge

Looking for art inspiration for your photo ledge? Check out some of my very favorite art prints: