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Small Bedroom Decor Ideas

Decorating a small bedroom can be challenging, but there are several tricks and tips you can use to make the space feel cozy and functional! In both my current and previous home, the bedroom areas are pretty small and even a little awkward. I actually love working with these kinds of spaces and have developed a little arsenal of tricks. Here, I’m sharing all of my small bedroom decor ideas you can easily take and apply to your home.

small bedroom decor ideas

First, let me just start off by saying that small can be amazing! (I’m not just saying this because I’m 5’2″ either…) But, with a few specific tricks, a small room can feel both cozy and spacious.

Both of these primary bedrooms would be considered “small” by any real estate standard, but I think they’re both functional and welcoming!

10 Small Bedroom Decor Ideas

boho bedroom decor with focal point head board

1. Choose a Focal Point

Choose a focal point: A focal point, such as a bold headboard or a piece of artwork, can draw the eye and make the room feel more dynamic.

In both bedrooms, I used the headboard area as a focal point. One being a wood board attached to the wall. The other, a painted black half wall.

What’s Your Interior Design Style?

You could also use artwork, a light fixture, or curtains as a focal point.

small bedroom with metal frame bed, mattress, and neutral decor

ps. I LOVE this memory foam mattress – it arrived in a box and was so easy to set up!

2. Opt for Streamlined Furniture

Small spaces are not for those over sized accent chairs, massive dressers, or sleigh beds. They are, however, perfect for more minimal and streamlined furniture.

Look for pieces with unfussy design & minimal details. For this reason, I chose a matte black simple bed frame.

bedroom nightstand with hanging pendant light and shelf

3. Add Visual Height

Get things off the floor and up high! This will not only create more space but also move yours eyes up and around, so the room feels more spacious.

For example, I chose a leaning ladder to hold extra blankets. Instead of a floor lamp, I opted for a hanging pendant. The wall shelf adds more height and makes it easy to change out artwork.

bedroom storage under the bed containers
I love these simple fabric under the bed storage boxes for more space

4. Get Clever with Storage

In a small bedroom, storage is key. Consider using under-bed storage containers, hanging shelves, or wall-mounted storage units to maximize space.

bedroom corner office nook with desk and chair
Corner Office Nook – you have to see the before!

5. Re-imagine Every Corner

One thing about small spaces is you do not have an inch to waste. I like to think of alternative ways a corner or a nook might be used.

I created a Corner Office Nook in my current home as well as a writing space in my previous home. Both served my current needs and made best use of the space.

My office nook could also transition into a vanity area – something I might try soon!

corner bedroom writing nook with desk and chair

6. Choose Multi-Functional Furniture

When choosing furniture for small bedroom decor, think about how it might be used in different ways. This will help keep things simple.

For example, I often use a stool as a side table, plant stand, or extra seating when needed. For the bedroom, this writing area can also function as a vanity (just replace the artwork with a mirror).

minimal small bedroom decor

7. Keep Decor Minimal

Minimal is the name of my game as it is. But, we all need a good reminder that a cluttered space can make a small bedroom feel even smaller.

I like to remove alllllll the decor from a space and then put back what I only need and love.

black bedroom dresser styled with artwork and plants

8. Choose Bedroom Furniture Proportionate to Space

Resist the urge to cram furniture into a space! It might be time to break up with a piece (or find storage, put in another room, find an alternative creative use). But small, or awkward spaces, mean choose furniture that fits the space.

Above, I chose a dresser (free from Craigslist, then painted with black milk paint) that maximized the space of this nook.

As for the bed, understanding the exact size can help determine the layout. (It also helps in determining what size rug is needed! Check out my rug guide for sizing and my favorite Geometric Area Rugs for ideas).

A mattress size guide offers measurements and visuals to make this task even easier.

boho bedroom with linens, texture wall artwork, and plants

9. Add Texture

Texture can add visual interest to a small space (or any space for that matter!). It makes a room feel cozy instead of cold. I mean, we’re trying to avoid the feeling of cramped, cold, cell here, right?

Adding a textured rug, linens, throw pillows, wall art, baskets, and curtains are all items I routinely use to add texture and interest.

hanging pendant light
hanging pendant light

10. Layer Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference with small bedroom decor. Consider using a mix of overhead lighting like this custom pendant light, a semi flush mount light, or even a basket light if the room can handle it.

Then add task lighting such as table lamps to create a layered and functional lighting scheme.

And, by all means, avoid those Cool White Light bulbs (I would say, get rid of them all together) – they will make the space feel stark, harsh, and sometimes add a blue tint.

If you’re feeling like you need more help in overall room decorating, you’ll want to check out my post How to Decorate a Room From Start to Finish to get started!