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Office Nook Refresh – Making the Most of an Awkward Space

It’s been about 4 months since we left our suburban home for life out here in the country. Remodeling this 70’s house has had it’s challenges but we’re overall so happy here. One of the hardest parts for me, was trading out my designated work room for a teeny, tiny awkward corner. Well, friends, I finally tackled that awkwardness head on and gave my office nook a modern refresh.

allisa jacobs office nook design

Some of the key changes were part of our overall remodel including installing new white Oak wood floors, removing pony walls and painting all the walls Chantilly Lace.

But beyond that, I really had to tackle the absurdity of this pie shaped space. It was like the builder mis-measured or overlooked the plans or something. Either way, it’s one of the most challenging spaces I’ve encountered!

And what went from ridiculously impossible quickly turned into one of my favorites spaces – even landing a spot as an Apartment Therapy feature (woo hoo!)

office nook remodel
Office space before

Office Nook: Before

Man, this was a tough one. It was asymmetrical, angled, and dingy. How in the world would I make this functional?

messy office space before remodel

Upon moving in and doing the general remodel of paint & floors, I just crammed all my previous office stuff in here. Clearly this was not sustainable.

So, I set out with a plan to make this stylish & functional:

Design Plan

I’ve add all my sources at the end of this post, but here’s my overall plan

  • Paint Walls with Chantilly Lace
  • Update Hardwood Flooring
  • Update light fixture
  • Paint Back wall Iron Ore (almost black)
  • Add wall shelf
  • Install double wall hooks for functionality
  • Choose proportionate book case for more organization

Office Nook: After

home office nook with boho styling

Pretty mind blowing right?! Like how is this the same space? The black wall makes such an impact and visually helps make the space feel less like a tunnel.

black accent wall with woven wood shades and boho decor

I started by embracing the off center, narrow wall and painted it black. Then, I removed all the junk and opted for a few functional pieces; this open bookcase (didn’t want to cover up that black paint!) and a long wood shelf + hooks.

bench with shelf and art work in entryway

You know I love a good shelf and by adding the double hooks below it, I hoped to make this space even more multi use and streamlined.

writing nook space with modern boho decor

Office Nook Design Board

office nook design board
  1. Woven Wood Shades in Kula Sandy Beach
  2. Iron Ore – Sherwin Williams Paint (click link to order sample)
  3. Chantilly Lace – Benjamin Moore Paint (click link to order sample)
  4. Semi Flush Mount Light Fixture in Brass
  5. Plant Pot with Mid Century Stand
  6. Metal Wall Hooks in Black
  7. Metal and Wood Bookcase
  8. Boho Moroccan Area Rug
  9. Oak Wood Shelf
  10. Magazine Storage Basket
office bookshelf with books, files, boxes, baskets, and printer

Overall, I’m incredibly thrilled with this little nook. It’s where I work every morning and is now one of my favorite spaces.

Whenever I face another design challenge, I look back to this office nook makeover and think if this one can be transformed, I can tackle any space!