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Office Nook Refresh – Making the Most of an Awkward Space

It’s been about 4 months since we left our suburban home for life out here in the country. Remodeling this 70’s house has had it’s challenges but we’re overall so happy here. One of the hardest parts for me, was trading out my designated work room for a teeny, tiny awkward corner. Well, friends, I finally tackled that awkwardness head on and gave my office nook a modern refresh.

modern office nook with black wall and lots of plants

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office nook remodel
Office space before

Some of the key changes were part of our overall remodel including installing new white Oak wood floors, removing unnecessary beams and corners, changing out the boob light and painting a base white wall paint of Chantilly Lace.

Update, 2023: I’ve since created a few more office areas and have shared all my tips on designing a small Small Home Office space!

messy office space before remodel

After all those changes, it was an improvement, but still crowded and dysfunctional (and embarrassingly messy!). It did not make work any fun and it was the area I quickly scooted our guests past.

Office Nook Refresh

modern office nook update

I started by embracing the off center, narrow wall and painted it black. Then, I removed all the junk and opted for a few functional pieces; this open bookcase (didn’t want to cover up that black paint!) and a long wood shelf + hooks.

You know I love a good shelf and by adding the double hooks below it, I hoped to make this space even more multi use and streamlined.

shelf with hooks below

I kept my budget in check by making use of a rug that was always hanging around. I purchased the hanging plant to help use up the wall space and the air plant for the dark corner (along with a few other easy houseplants I always have on hand).

modern office nook decor


office bookshelf with books, files, boxes, baskets, and printer

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