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Cozy Outdoor Living Space

Just in time to enjoy these warm, late summer evenings, I freshened up our covered deck area. In my effort to maximize every inch of our home, I began looking outside. After a few delays, our cozy outdoor living space has finally come together!

cozy outdoor living space with a boho vibe and lots of plants

Outdoor Living Space

neutral outdoor rug
Zarin Outdoor Rug

1. Outdoor Rugs

If you ask me, starting off with an outdoor rug really sets the stage for a cozy outdoor living space. It can also define a space so furniture doesn’t feel like it’s floating (just like inside!)

In this case, I wasn’t really loving the dark deck stain (from the previous owners) so I chose a lighter rug to brighten it up and add contrast. I also used a 6′ x9′ size to really cover the area and make an impact!

I like this Zarin Outdoor Rug because it’s specific to outdoor use and have a neutral design to build on.

cozy outdoor rattan furniture
Similar Outdoor Furniture

2. Outdoor Furniture

Next up, outdoor furniture! There are so many choices out there, how do you decide? Well, for me I was looking for items that would fulfill a lot of different needs.

Previously we had a couple small chairs and a metal bistro set. These are still super useful, but not particularly cozy.

For this space, I was hoping to create more of an outdoor living room where we could relax, chat, read, relax, and be together. A cushioned rattan sofa and two side chairs fit the bill!

patio decor for an outdoor living space
Functional Side Table Made with Rattan Basket

3. Form & Function

If you ask me, a well functioning design makes any space feel super cozy! We want to feel like it’s a place we can actually use without distractions, shuffling around, or compromising.

To achieve function, I moved our old living room coffee table out here (you might recognize it from the One Room Challenge!) and then created side tables from a couple of stools and a DIY basket table (more on that to come!)

outdoor decor

4. Outdoor Living Space Decor

To complete the outdoor living space, I included a few, intentional cozy details. I don’t like including pieces just to add something so I really consider the value of each decor piece.

You know I must have a plant (or 20) in every space! Here, I included our herb garden with oregano, basil, lavender, and parsley in the planters and baskets.

The throw pillows and blankets make evenings out here especially inviting. This Kilim throw blanket is one of my favorites outdoors!

Pin & Save for Later:

patio inspiration to create a modern boho living room space
  1. Black Wire Candle Holder (looks pretty inside too!)
  2. Outdoor Woven Lumbar Pillow
  3. Natural Wicker Outdoor Furniture
  4. Black and White Outdoor Rug
  5. Large Planter Pots (terra cotta brown adds some warmth!)

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