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Juniper Print Shop for Online Art Prints

It’s hard to imagine that there was a time I really didn’t focus on the art in our home. But, it’s true. Choosing art felt so difficult and overwhelming so I sort of just avoided it or picked something random from the store. Well, let me tell you, those days are gone! This past year I stumbled across the online art prints from Juniper Print Shop and it changed everything!

entryway way styled with online art prints
I love layering art and used three Juniper Prints here; (from left to right) the Sahara, Connection, and Mesa

(I should start off by saying that this post is NOT sponsored, it’s just my own honest experience and review. Of course, content includes affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click and purchase.  The commission allows me to write more content and support our family, so thank you!)

kitchen shelving styled with landscape art print

When looking for artwork, sometimes we just need something quick and easy. There is absolutely no shame in finding pieces you love at Target or wherever (I’m really loving this framed landscape print). However, after styling a few of our rooms, I realized I wanted a few more options. Whether it was height, color, or design.

Favorite Online Art Prints

So, in comes Juniper Print Shop, the stylish art print site created by interior designer Jenny Komenda. I started to see their prints on Instagram and immediately loved the style. However, I assumed these pretty prints would be pricey or maybe super complicated.

For framing, I often use frames from Frame It Easy which also offer a non glare acrylic glass option. (You can check them out and get 10% off your order by using that link).

Floral Art Prints

  1. Midnight Blossoms – One of my all time favorites and looks great against black walls, also comes as a set
  2. Garden Rose I
  3. Garden Rose II – These complimentary black and white floral prints are absolutely stunning and look good paired up or individually
  4. Meadow Flowers I
  5. Meadow Flowers II – another beautiful floral art print set
  6. Wild Oak – Vertical layout and lush blues and greens make this one showstopper

Minimal Art Prints

  1. Connection – Abstract blush lines one white
  2. Flight Art Print – The bird print is one of my very favorites and looks great every place I hang it (and I’ve tried it out many spots!)
  3. OIO Print – Love the warm tones this print brings – and it looks pretty vertical or horizontal!
  4. Trails – Black lines on blush
  5. Sahara Print – The warm tans and blacks make this moody print easy to incorporate and layer
  6. ORO Art Print – This fun abstract print mixes things up and the bit of gold adds a warm touch ( I included it here in my bathroom mood board)

Landscape Art Prints

  1. Bear Lake I
  2. Bear Lake II – I love this duo so much, together or separate they are warm & cozy prints
  3. Otis – this landscape looks so great with other types of prints or big and bold on its own
  4. Pasture – another soft landscape print, easy to incorporate almost anywhere
  5. Mesa Art Print – I recently added this one to my collection and am in love!
  6. Meadow – a sweet, tree focused print with lots of greens
bird art print on black piano
Flight Art Print from Juniper Print Shop – I used a simple black frame with no matting

What I really love about their site is that it’s super easy to search. When looking elsewhere, I often got lost in too many choices (and often, not great choices at that). However, Juniper makes it easy with their highly curated collection.

modern art print
Framed ORO print adds a neutral, modern twist

I love the abstract lines of the ORO print and included it in my Budget Bathroom Makeover mood board!

What I find most helpful is their option to purchase the print or the digital download. Their prints are available in standard sizes which makes framing super simple.

online art prints

For most of my collection, I purchased the print files to download. I have some specific tips for Buying Online Art Prints since it’s not always as easy as it seems.

Then, I was able to upload the correct ratio for the frame size I wanted. On one batch, I used Frame It Easy who both printed the file and framed the print. These were super simple and fool proof.

bathroom styled with modern online art print
I love the warm, dreamy abstract nature of the OIA print here in our bathroom

Next go round, I used Walgreens printing service. I have mixed feelings about this. While it was super fast and I was able to apply a coupon, they initially printed my files an inch too small and it was kind of a hassle.

I love mixing up and switching out my online art prints on my display shelf, check out my Photo Ledge Styling Tips to see how I keep it looking effortless and balanced.

photo ledge with online art collection
I love mixing & matching styles on the photo ledge

For any future online art prints, I think I’ll try them printed directly from Juniper. They also have many neutral prints which makes it so easy to incorporate into any space!

Additionally, there are a lot of vertical options which is something I include on my 5 Home Styling Essentials.

And, if you’re looking for different wall decor ideas, check out my post with Wall Art Alternatives!

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