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Stunning Examples of Black House Paint

So I have this theory; anything can be painted black or white for an instant upgrade. I’ve painted many a thrift store find a matte black and watched it transform into something more modern and fresh. I think the same is true for houses! You know I’ve long dreamed of a white farmhouse. Well, my friends, that is not in my cards. But with a new house on the horizon boasting 1970’s architecture, I’m convinced a bold, black house paint is just what it needs.

gorgeous dark gray house with landscaping
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One thing I really love about black house paint is that it provides a perfect canvas for landscaping and nature to really pop.

This seemed counter intuitive to me at first, and then I thought more about contrast and love how white flowers (like the hydrangeas above) or lighter colored shrubs really stand out against the black backdrop.

black house paint with white trim

Black house paint + white trim is such a stunning combination I think! It feels both fresh and classic at the same time. I’m leaning towards this combination for our new house. (UPDATE: This is what I chose!)

Top 10 Best-Selling Black Paint Colors Collection

Black House White Trim

black mid century house

We went with a Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams exterior which is a true, neutral black. It’s also one of my overall favorite neutral paint colors.

black and white house with wood door and greenery
allisa jacobs black and white house

For the trim, I went with Sherwin Williams Pure White and I love the contrast. I also replaced the front door and chose and a Douglas Fir with a clear coat finish.

What is the best true black paint?

Well, as you can see, I did hours of research on this. Like other paint colors, black paint can have significant undertones and appear purple or blue in some lighting.

Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams is a completely neutral, true black paint. I used it for this home exterior (and have since moved) and also recently painted my front doors black with this paint as well.

Other great black paint colors include Wrought Iron from Benjamin Moore and while not a deep, true black, Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams is also one of my go to black paint colors. I created a side by side comparison of Iron Ore and Tricorn to show how they match up.

I also used Iron Ore to paint my kitchen cabinets black.

More Black House Inspiration

What I love most about this modern cabin with black house paint is the combination of bold color with the natural accents of metal, rock, grass, and wood. This paint color, just slightly less black, looks very similar (if not exact) to Sherwin Williams Iron Ore.

I used this as inspiration of what landscaping and details to include in our new home.

modern house with dark gray paint and accents
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This pure black house makes quite the statement, and I think the varying shades keep it from feeling too dark or moody.

beautiful warm black house paint
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How beautiful is this black house? I love how the deep color really reflects a warm light glow. Likely another example of Iron Ore exterior.

The black house paint combined with the rustic wood makes this house feel so natural and cozy. Without the wood trim, it might seem a little boring but I love how it all comes together. Because this black has some bluish undertones, I’m pretty certain it’s Peppercorn from Sherwin Williams.

Aren’t these all lovely examples of black house paint? It’s a bold step for sure, but one I’d make again and again. Who’s with me in black house club?