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Easy Wood Bench DIY

Anyone else love a good home DIY project that easy, functional, and beautiful? This Easy Wood Bench DIY checks all those boxes, and then some! You just need some sort of wood top and then metal bench legs. With some careful sourcing and measuring, it comes together really quickly!

entryway wood bench with metal legs

This bench is one of my all time favorite furniture pieces and the best part is I made it! It’s from the same tree as my Kitchen Wood Shelves.

Also, full disclosure: I used the bench legs from my brother’s business and where I help him with design content.

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Wood Bench Supplies:

  • Metal Bench Legs – I used 11″ wide x 18″ high Metal Bench Legs in Powder Coated Black
  • Wood Slab – I used a piece of salvaged white oak. You could check your local lumber yard and there some nice finished ones online like this Maple Bench Top
  • Wax or Stain to protect wood slab
  • Screws or bolts to attach the top to the base (my bench legs came with the hardware)
  • Screwdriver or wrench to install the hardware
  • Cordless Drill/Driver to pre-drill holes (optional but makes it easier and keeps from damaging the wood when bolts are installed) I use this Cordless Drill Set
  • Ruler and pencil
metal legs for DIY wood bench
metal bench legs

How to Make Wood Bench

1. Prep The Bench Top

If you’re going to stain or protect the wood bench top, you’ll want to do it before attaching it to the base. Make sure it dries or cures completely before attach the bench legs.

I like to keep my wood pieces natural and use furniture beeswax to protect the wood

making wood bench with metal legs

2. Mark Holes on the Bottom of Bench Top

Flip over the bench top onto a soft surface so the bottom is face up. Determine how far from edge to place the bench legs. I placed my 3″ in from edge. If the legs are placed too far in from the edge, the overhang could be really weak.

Using a pencil, mark where the screw holes will be.

drilling holes for wood bench DIY

3. Pre-drill Bolt or Screw Holes

Set aside the bench legs. Using a drill bit just smaller than the bolt or screw size, pre-drill a shallow hole into the bench top. This will make it easy to screw in the hardware.

metal bench legs attached to wood slab

4. Attach Bench Top to Table Legs

With bench top still face down and the holes pre-drilled (ideally), place the bench legs so they line up with the marked placement.

Using screwdriver or wrench, attach the bench legs to the bench top being careful to not over tighten which could break bolt or strip screw.

5. Flip Over Bench

The bench should now be complete! Check to make it’s sturdy and adjust screws if needed.

This wood bench also worked double duty as seating at our dining room table for awhile.

It is one of the most asked about projects I’ve done and looks great with my DIY Coffee Table. Read more in Your Home Design Questions Answered!