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Modern DIY Coffee Table

I love a good, easy home decor project. Make it super functional and fast, I’m sold. This coffee table is all that in spades. All the supplies are available online and it took me less than 20 minutes to completely make. From the light colored wood to the black minimal base, I’m loving the simple beauty of this DIY Coffee Table! Read on to see just how easy it is.

living room coffee table, rug, couch, and black piano

Can you believe this only took 20 minutes? Full disclosure here, my brother makes and sells the metal furniture legs I used for this table. I love supporting his business, Cascade Iron Co. ,and even work with him there on graphics, photos, and design. So, I must admit, I’m a bit partial!

Either way though, I’m super proud of this table and love it a million times over.

DIY Coffee Table Supplies:

  • Butcher Block Countertop – I used a lovely, finished chevron countertop piece online but you could use lots of different materials, this one measures 25″ x 50″
  • Metal Furniture Legs – these are matte black finish
  • Power Drill – this is the one I have & use all the time!
  • Bolts or Screws – legs usually come with hardware, you’ll need strong bolts or screws to attach the table top
  • Tape Measure & Pencil
  • Screwdriver or Wrench to attach screws/bolts
  • Stain or beeswax to finish wood if desired

Video Tutorial:

How to Make a Coffee Table

coffee table supplies - butcherblock tabletop and black metal furniture legs

How to Make a DIY Coffee Table

  1. Prep the Wood Surface

    The butcher block I used came pre-sanded. If needed, sand the top first. Then apply any stain or wood treatment. I like to keep wood surfaces unfinished and seal with beeswax.

  2. Mark & Pre-Drill Holes

    Lay the table top on the floor. On the underneath side of the table, mark the hole placement. Use the table legs as the guide and mark with a pencil. For a modern look, I placed them about 4 inches from the edge so there’s a slight overhang.

    Use tape measure to ensure each side is equally spaced.

    Then, using your drill (and necessary bit size for screws), pre-drill holes at the pencil marks. This will make it easier to install bolts/screws.

  3. Attach Legs to Tabletop

    With the tabletop still on the floor with the underneath side up, attach the the table top to the legs using bolts or screws.

    While attaching, be mindful to not over tighten screws or bolts.

  4. Flip Over

    That’s it! Carefully flip over the table. Check to make sure it’s stable and tighten screws if needed. Now, use & style!

DIY coffee table

This coffee table measures 25″ x 50″ which fits well with both of my sofas. With the thick butcher block, it’s about 18″ high which feels perfect. It’s held up with the test of time and a couple moves. I love it more than most tables I found online!

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wood coffee table with books, vase, and rope styling

How simple right? I could not be happier with this DIY Coffee Table. This project might remind you of my DIY Bench Project, it uses similar materials, though I went for a more rustic wood there.

Not interested in making a table? I get it! Check out my favorite Rectangle Coffee Tables or Round Coffee Tables for more options. And if you’re looking for styling ideas, check out my favorite Home Decor Books on Amazon which I use for inspiration, styling, and conversation.