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3 Ways To Get Out of a Home Decor Rut

How are we half through the Fall One Room Challenge? I’m at the spot right now which is somewhere between panic and cautiously optimistic it will come together. Although this bathroom space is not a full remodel by any means, there are still so many moving parts (and just life!) to put together. I’m reminding myself to focus on progress over perfection. Since many people face this moment during a makeover, I wanted to share tips to get out of a home decor rut!

bathroom before remodel

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Curious about how this bathroom turned out? Jump ahead to see the final Budget Bathroom Makeover!

bathroom room design board

1. Make a Plan

If you were here for the spring ORC, you might remember I hit the same wall then too. I think it’s just part of my design process!

I usually start out with a design board (I used the one above), and also revisit to-do list – especially when I’m overwhelmed. Here’s my project list progress so far:

  1. Remove & Replace Hardware (old towel bars and toilet paper holder are gone!)
  2. Paint Walls (!!!)
  3. Repair Holes
  4. Replace Toilet Seat  (not a fun job, but such a big difference!)
  5. Frame Mirror (instead of replacing mirror, I’m going to try Frame My Mirror)
  6. Replace Light Fixture (removed old one, selected this one)
  7. Paint Cabinets? (I decided! I’m going with Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams and have started the prep process!)
  8. Replace Cabinet Hardware (I ordered these simple black knobs)
  9. Replace Sink Faucet (looking at options..)
  10. Paint Tile Floor (Ordered the Rustoleum Floor Tile Paint Kit – excited for this part! ) 
  11. Find Artwork  
  12. Style  (received these lovely towels and am looking at shelves & plant hangers!)
bathroom inspiration board
Bathroom Pinterest Board

2. Choose Inspiration Over Comparison

To focus on progress over perfection, I really make an effort of being mindful about inspiration. There is so much inspiration all around. People do amazing things. I collected my bathroom inspiration on

I channel that inspiration (noting things I like or even just the way someone approaches a design or life event) and apply that to my project.

It’s hard but important, to resist making comparisons. This bathroom project, for example, is not going to win any awards just given the space and budget, so if I focus on what it isn’t, this will be a really yucky process.

bathroom remodel

3. Admire What’s Been Accomplished

Another thing I do to get out of a home decor rut, is to take a moment to admire what has been accomplished. Heading into this week, I felt like I had done absolutely nothing. I really didn’t have much to share.

But if I step back and look at the process and what has been achieved, I see that it was actually quite a bit. I replaced the cabinet hardware and replaced the toilet seat (that job deserves a gold star if you ask me).

I also framed out the existing mirror and have prepped the floors for paint. See that’s quite a bit, isn’t it?!

sherwin williams free color chips shipped to your home
I ordered these gray paint chips for the bathroom cabinets. Did you know Sherwin Williams will send them to your house for free?
embrace the process and strive for progress over perfection

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