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3 Ways To Get Out of a Home Decor Rut

How are we half through the Fall One Room Challenge? I’m at the spot right now which is somewhere between panic and cautiously optimistic. Although this bathroom space is not a full remodel by any means, there are still so many moving parts (and just life!) to put together. I’m reminding myself to focus on progress over perfection. Since many people face this same feeling when improving a home, I wanted to share tips to get out of a home decor rut!

this feels like home art print
this feels like home art print & credit: forth & wild

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What’s Your Interior Design Style?

1. Think Big Picture

One way we can get into a home decor rut is by focusing on all the little details. This can be so overwhelming.

By zooming out and seeing the big picture, we remind ourselves why we’re working on a certain space (or maybe even entire home!). Is it to make it more functional? Do we want it to feel calming? Are we trying to make it authentic to our personality?

So, set aside all the overwhelming decisions like choosing paint and look at the overall plan.

This might look like making a list (my favorite strategy!) or creating a design board. Like many others, I use Pinterest for this very reason. See below for some of my big picture thinking design boards:

bathroom inspiration design board
Bathroom Pinterest Board

2. Choose Inspiration Over Comparison

Another way to get out of a home decor rut is to focus inspiration – but not comparison.

There is so much inspiration all around. People do amazing things.

However, all of this inspiration can lead to major burnout and comparison. We might find ourselves preoccupied by all the ways are homes are lacking. What other spaces have that ours doesn’t. Well, friends, this will just suck all the joy out of any home design!

When we look at other spaces for inspiration, focus on just the ASPECTS that appeal to you. Maybe it’s the paint colors or how balanced the furniture feels. Maybe the space includes lots of greenery or textured items. Chances are, those are elements you can include in your space.

3. Admire What’s Been Accomplished

A final way to get back into our home design groove is to take a moment and admire what has been accomplished.

Again, if we’re focused on all the ways a home is not something, we can lose sight of the overall improvement.

For example, during my budget bathroom makeover, I continued to hit a dead end. This space was never going to be a showstopper. But when I stepped back and looked at what had been achieved, I see that it was actually quite a bit. Not only did I make it more functional and but I painted the tile floor and replaced the toilet seat (that alone deserves a gold star if you ask me).

By noting what we’ve done, it can guide our next home decor decisions.

inspirational words: strive for progress over perfection

Final Thoughts

I hope these strategies help if you find yourself in a home decor rut. Design decisions can be overwhelming and it’s my goal with this site to not only share design tips and DIY projects, but also to guide the focus on creating an authentic home.