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Tips for Home Remodeling Quotes

Maybe you’re super focused on that bathroom remodel or you’re in the early stages of exploring a kitchen update. Either way, you’re probably thinking about reaching out to contractors. But, that can be intimidating! How do you choose? What do you ask? Well, after having worked on several major remodels, I’ve got 6 tips for making the most of those home remodeling quotes. Because we want to make it worth it!

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Typically, find contractors to work with through word of mouth – pays to ask around! Or, I do a quick search looking for a specialty, such as cabinet refacing. Either way, I always check reviews and licensing before reaching out. 

Once that’s established, I get ready to start gathering home remodeling quotes! 

1. Be Transparent

First, I’ve found that it helps save time and money to just be upfront with your project details. If you’re not sure you’re ready to move forward, let them know you’re gathering information. 

If you’re working from a very clear budget, share that and ask that they work within that. 

2. Value Everyone’s Time 

It can be time consuming to set up bids. From research contractors to setting up appointments and making time in the day. 

So, be sure to value everyone’s time – including your own! This might look like booking out adequate time, being prepared with project details, and being fully present to ask questions. 

3. Consider it an Opportunity to Learn

Speaking of asking questions, I suggest looking at home remodeling quotes as an opportunity to learn. Instead of just a frustrating first step, learning about the process really can shift the entire project. 

Get curious about the process, materials, and restraints. 

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4. Ask Open Ended Questions

One way to learn more during this process is to ask open-ended questions. So instead of just asking, how much or when, thinking about ways to find out more. 

These are some of my favorite home remodeling quote related questions:

  • What are some challenges you see with this project? 
  • Tell me about your entire process.
  • I’ve shared what I have in mind. Is there anything I might be missing with this project? 

5. Get 3 At Least Bids

You’ve probably heard this one before, but it’s worth mentioning again.

For any project (big or small), I typically gather at least three quotes. Why? Well, more opportunities to learn! 

But more practically speaking, there is usually one major outlier. Like they are so crazy expensive or the vibe feels completely off it’s not even a contender.  Then, I can narrow things down based on price, process, and values. 

6. Ask for Itemization

Finally, when gathering home remodeling quotes, I like to ask for a breakdown if possible. This can help wrap your brain around the total cost. 

It can also help identify if there places to save money or revise. Like for a kitchen remodel, the demolition itself is pretty spendy, so I gathered some friends to do that with (for) me. 

Or, the countertops were a huge percentage of the total so I narrowed down on finding a less expensive option. 

6 tips for home remodeling quotes

Alright, hopefully this list of tips helps as you gather home remodeling quotes for your next project. Also, you can look up contractor licenses for each state.

Be sure to also check out my post on Ways to Save Money on Home Projects. And if you’re not yet at this step, just save this post for later.

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