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Home Gift Ideas 2023

I love buying Christmas gifts. But I can be a little picky. I like to find gifts that check off a few boxes. I like them to be a) personal b) functional and c) able to stand the test of time. And, I really love to find things that people will love in their homes. It can be tricky coming up with holiday gift ideas though. That’s what I’m here for! I’ve gathered up some of my very favorite home gift ideas for 2023.

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

When gift giving, I love finding one little thing I know about someone, such as their love for coffee, and building upon that. Including a book always makes it more of a complete gift.

As a fellow coffee enthusiast, (at least in terms of needing caffeine to start my day!), I’ve curated some of my favorite coffee gift ideas.

coffee lover gifts
  1. Coffee Guide Art Print
  2. Mini Keurig Single Serve (great for small spaces!) or Keurig Slim for slightly bigger spaces and more people
  3. Wood Coaster Set – perfect combine with my favorite mugs!
  4. Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker – for the hardcore coffee enthusiasts
  5. Coffee Table Book: Brew Better Coffee at Home – adding a topic specific book makes a great personalized gift
  6. Black Thermal Carafe
  7. Ceramic Travel Mug
  8. White Ceramic Cream & Sugar Set
  9. Stumptown Coffee– as a native Oregonian, I have to include these on the list!

Home Gift Ideas for Men

Choosing gifts for men can be tricky. Sometimes it seems they have everything they want or maybe their hobby is so specific it’s hard to know just what to look for. Whether it’s my brother, dad, or a special guy in my life, I like finding gifts that are both related to their interests and also help create a cozy, stylish home.

So, here are some really modern and unique gift ideas for men that make gift giving easier!

home decor gift ideas for men
  1. Vintage Inspired State Map
  2. Black Coffee Carafe
  3. Rejuvenation Wall Clock
  4. Classic Metal Toolbox
  5. Herringbone Throw Blanket
  6. Petrified Wood Coasters
  7. National Parks Candle
  8. Yellowstone Coffee Table Book
  9. Glass Decanter with Wood Stopper

Hostess Gift Ideas

We all know someone who loves entertaining in their home. Or maybe someone who would love to host yet could use some supplies to get them going. This gift guide includes some of my favorite home items that would be perfect for a host or a housewarming gift.

I usually keep a few of these on hand for last minute gifts as well. So if I’m invited to an impromptu get together or someone gets added to the celebration, I’m prepared with some neutral and easy gift options.

hostess gift ideas
  1. Modern Black & White Napkins – I also love wrapping gifts in napkins for a little something different!
  2. Handmade Walnut Cutting Board Board
  3. Black Mini Condiment Bowls
  4. Amber Bottle Soap Set – I have these in the both the kitchen and bathroom – they make an extra gift paired with a kitchen towel
  5. Platters & Boards Serving Book
  6. Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mug
  7. Ceramic Salt Cellar with Spoon
  8. Round Decorative Tray – would pair well with the soap bottle set
  9. Turkish Hand Towel – These are my favorite hand towels and always have some on hand

Shelf Decor Gift Ideas

Recently, more people have jumped into shelf styling (I have entire posts about how to style shelves!) but it can be tricky to display pieces you love and also feel functional. I’ve found that having a few neutral and classic foundation pieces really helps the process.

I’ve gathered up some of my very favorite shelf decor ideas that would all make really pretty home decor gifts. I think pairing the home decor gift with the vase or candle makes a really complete gift.

shelf decor gift guide
  1. Flight Art Print – one of my all time favorites!
  2. Wood Bowl 
  3. Black Porcelain Vase 
  4. Hyacinth Basket 
  5. This Is Home decor book
  6. Candle in Ceramic Bowl 
  7. Little Wood Vase 
  8. Black Patina Planter 
  9. Light Wood Chains 

I hope this gives you a lot of home gift ideas to make gift giving even easier and intentional! Looking for more options? Check out my Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers and Gift Ideas for Mom.