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House Guest Essentials – Unique Etsy Finds

You probably could’ve guessed that when I travel, I’ll take a vacation home over a hotel any day. Who’s with me? Besides the actual travel location, it’s so fun to see new spaces, houses, and architecture. As a former vacation rental home owner myself (goodness, I miss that beach house!), I like guest spaces that feel both welcoming and personalized. When we owned our beach rental, it was my mission to find authentic decor to make all of our guests feel at home. Currently, I’ve got my eye on converting a laundry area into a guest room. As I gather up some styling ideas, I’ve teamed up with Etsy and AirBnB to share my curated finds for house guest essentials!

desert vacation home
courtesy: Airbnb

We probably all know a great host (and maybe a few not so great hosts…), one thing that sets them apart is the attention to detail! So whether you’re preparing a whole home or just a guest room, here’s a quick list plus some styling decor to get started.

Guest Room Essentials

  • Plenty of Linens: sheets, throw blankets, pillows
  • Towels and washcloths set out and ready – everyone likes to freshen up!
  • Daily Necessities: phone chargers, clocks, & mirrors go a long way
  • Personal Details: plants, fresh flowers, books, magazines, and mints

Ok, now on the guest room decor!

house guest home decor

Guest Room Decor

  1. Personalized Welcome Mat – Available in Bungalow, Cottage, Lake House, and Beach House
  2. Modern Soap Labels – use to elevate generic plastic or glass bottles
  3. Cedar Room & Loo Spray – keep it fresh! This is my ALL TIME favorite room spray
  4. Handmade Coffee Mugs – morning coffee always tastes better with a lovely mug! (black out of stock but available in white)
  5. Personalized Guest Book – so many vacation house designs to choose from!
  6. Turkish Hand Towels – I own these towels & they are my absolute favorite in the kitchen & bathroom
  7. Guest House Art Print, Rumi Poem – art work always feels more special with a story behind it
  8. Soft Throw Blankets – can never have enough blankets for everyone to get cozy

Beautiful Vacation Homes on My Travel List:

cozy guest bedroom
courtesy: Airbnb

Etsy is one of my favorite sources for unique home decor – it’s my go to sites for art prints, hand towels, and personalized glasses. As a former owner of a successful vacation beach cottage, I’ve also shared my tips for Decorating a Vacation Rental Home.

boho style outdoor space
courtesy: Airbnb
vacation bedroom styling
credit: Airbnb
tiny house airbnb vacation home on the river
courtesy: Airbnb

If you’re looking for more interior design inspiration for your space, check out my list of favorite home decor coffee table books for styling ideas. Plus, these books are great conversation starters for your guests!

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