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A Practical Guide to Woven Wood Shades

Last month I answered some of the top 6 interior design questions about our home and realized there was a lot more to share! Especially about our window treatments . After moving into our home last year, I searched high and low for pretty, woven shades that would add texture, privacy, and warmth to our space. It was sort of trial & error for me so I wanted to share some tips when looking for woven wood shades with you!

woven wood shades for the kitchen
these woven wood shades add a layer of texture to our kitchen

My main goal for choosing shades was function, warmth, and texture. (Woven shades are a great way to add texture, one of the 7 Elements of Interior Design!)

Oh, and keeping them super affordable was pretty important too. After gathering tons of samples, I found some woven wood shades (also referred to as woven blinds) that checked all of the boxes. (Spoiler Alert, I chose these Woven Wood Shades in Kula Beach!)

Because I had so many questions (and update, I’ve re-ordered for several more windows, additional houses, and for friends/clients!), I thought I’d answer some of those common questions here!

woven wood shade Tips

  • Use woven wood shades to add warmth and texture to a space
  • Adjust light by using light filtering or blackout liners if needed
  • Measure inside the window trim and choose customization based on needs and budget
small window with custom woven wood shades
I used cordless shades in the front of the house

What are the best woven wood shades?

Well, after ordering TONS of sample from many different companies, I can’t say that one stood out as the best. However, I ultimately ordered (and re-ordered) from Blinds.Com.

woven wood shade samples
woven wood shade samples from The Shade Store

I chose their South Seas Woven Wood Shade in the color, Kula Sandy Beach. I love this color so much, I’ve stuck with it on additional windows and in my current home. It adds a neutral warmth and a texture to every room.

I found the ordering process super simple and I even installed them on my own. (I know!)

For the shades near the front of the house, I splurged on cordless.

Are woven wood shades expensive?

Just like most home decor and updates, some wood shade options can get pretty pricey. Depending on the site and any extras added on (like cordless or blackout liners), they can be a bit of an investment.

However, I the shades I landed on are super reasonable and make a major impact. They are one of the first updates I now make in any home or space – in fact I include them on my 9 Easy Home Updates Under $200 post!

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woven wood shades in bedroom

Can you see through woven wood shades?

While each woven wood shade is different, some having a looser weave than others and letting in more light, I think they filter in light in a very pretty way.

I am someone who wants & needs all the natural light so woven wood shades are a great way to have some privacy, design detail, and also allow in light.

For the bedroom, I chose to add a liner to keep the room darker. It was a simple add on that made a big difference.

little office nook with layers of texture
my little office nook – these shades added some warmth to this awkward little space

How to Order Custom Window Shades

You might be wondering just how to go about ordering shades. I always thought they were something so complex and even considered using a company to come out for custom measurements.

I am so glad I decided to just order online myself! It could not be any easier.

First, I carefully measured the height of the window inside the frame (down to the 1/8 of an inch). Then the same for the width.

When I ordered multiple shades in one order, I was careful about labeling the windows and measurements.

Then, I simply entered the measurements and answered each step by step customization question:

  • COLOR: I chose Kula Sandy Beach
  • BINDING TAPE: I did not select binding tape as I wanted to keep it minimal, I might try this in the future to keep the edges neat
  • INSIDE or OUTSIDE MOUNT: I chose the inside mount which works well if you’ll layer with curtains
  • CORDED, CORDLESS or OTHER OPTIONS . For some of our blinds, I opted for the pull cord (it’s a less expensive option than the cord-free version). I admit, it’s not my favorite look, but it keeps it budget friendly.
  • VALANCE: I opt for the valance as I like the look of the shades folded up
  • EXTRAS: Cord side, liners, headrails, etc

Tip: If reviewing samples, hold it up to the light to see how it filters lights

So, there you go! A few tips for ordering woven wood shades or blinds. In case you missed it, I chose ours from Blinds.com (not an ad!) in Kula Sandy Beach – which sounds like vacation don’t you think? They have tons of sales so I keep my eye out for those!

There’s also a quick pdf shades ordering guide that helps!

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woven wood window shade samples