9 Low Profile Accent Chairs Under $450

Choosing living room furniture can be a daunting task! It’s probably easier to find something that looks good, but what about putting it all together? How do we choose things like chairs that will actually function in the space? Well, if you’re working with a small space OR an open floor plan, I’ve rounded up nine low profile accent chairs to give you some options!

living room styling
Esters Accent Chair in Husk

What is a low profile accent chair?

This style of chair has a lower back and is usually overall more streamlined. It’s better defined by what it’s not. It is NOT a big, bulky, tall armchair.

But those sound cozy! Why wouldn’t I want one of those?

Well, those bigger chairs are great when you have a larger space and you’re not worried about blocking the line of sight (so important!)

Open Floor Plans

In open spaces, you want to keep that line of sight open. If you’ve ever walked into a room with really tall chairs blocking your way, you know what I mean!

Smaller Spaces

And in small spaces, low profile accent chairs will feel proportionate to the space. When you cram a big chair (or sofa, table, and TV for that matter) into a less grand space, it makes the whole room feel crowded!

low profile accent chairs for the living room
  1. Dark Gray Wide Lounge Chair with Metal Frame
  2. Rattan and Black Lounge Chair
  3. Esters Wood Arm Chair
  4. Neutral Colored Penn Chair
  5. Rattan Lounge Chair with Cream Cushion
  6. Gray Sling Arm Chair
  7. Retro Tufted Armchair
  8. Armchair with Metal Frame
  9. Woven Accent Chair
esters wood arm chairs
Beautiful living room space with Esters Wood Armchairs by Conklin House

I really love these mid-century modern Esters Wood Armchairs from Target. I bought mine over four years ago and it’s still a favorite in my home. The clean lines and and relaxed style would look great in almost any space!

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