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9 Flush Mount Lights to Replace Boob Lights

Have you ever noticed how something can be totally fine for years but once you look at it, really look, you can’t see anything different? I do this all the time. It’s not a great habit. Sometimes, I can become a little too fixated. Maybe it’s a stairway handrail or a tray ceiling or an off-centered window. For me, it’s those builder grade flush mount lights. You know the ones I’m talking about, the lights that look like boobs?! (sorry, they do). They’re totally fine and functional but one day I laid in bed and looked up and thought, these really could be a lot prettier. And so, my mission to find pretty and affordable flush mount lights for the new house began.

bedroom flush mount light fixture
flush mount light in bedroom

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flush mount light fixtures
  1. Brass Semi Flush Mount Light Fixture (I used this one in my previous office)
  2. Black Farmhouse Ceiling Light
  3. Vintage Inspired Light
  4. Simple Ceiling Light (I have this one!)
  5. Flush Mount Drum Light
  6. Flush Mount Bell Light Fixture
  7. Small Vintage Inspired Brass Light
  8. Glass Drum Light
  9. Brass Semi Flush Mount Light

Lighting is one of the 7 Elements of Interior Design so it plays a really big role in how a space feels overall.

Flush Mount Light Inspiration

semi flush mount light in entry way
[ source: Emily Henderson ]

I really love almost everything Emily Henderson does. Plus her recent Portland project is in the same region as our new home, both are a little wooded and have those long gray Oregon winters.

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I figure she knows a thing or two about lights 😉 Her entryway above is so light and airy plus the light makes it seem even bigger (it’s similar to this light). I’m definitely taking inspiration from her!

mudroom with pretty details like door, tile and light
[ source: Studio McGee ]

Basically what mudroom dreams are made of right here. All the details like the wood door, tiles, and vintage-y light make for a really great space.


hallways lights
[ source: Lindsay Hill Interiors ]

I’m pretty obsessed with this hallway from Lindsay Hill Interiors. Black cage lights make a bold contrast to the white walls.

light and bright bedroom
[ source: Grit + Polish ]

Grit + Polish are do some of my favorite remodeling work. This bedroom looks so timeless and easy, especially with the sweet ceiling lights they’ve used. (Similar vintage inspired fixture ).

Wondering what type of bulbs to use in your flush mount lights? Check out my guide on Warm vs Cool Lighting for your home which goes through all the details!