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Iron Ore Vs Tricorn Black Paint

If you know anything about me, you probably know my love for black paint runs deep. It’s like a magic wand, instantly transforming a space. From accent walls to kitchen cabinets and house exteriors, I’ve tried lots of black paint! After all my research and tried and true experience, I’m comparing two of my very favorite dark paint colors, both from Sherwin Williams: Iron Ore vs Tricorn Black! 

bedroom with black paint samples

Ok, so let me just start by saying I have used both of these colors extensively. As in, my boys joke that they’re buying me a can of black paint for my birthday each year.

I’ve used both Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 and Iron Ore 7069 for several projects (see complete list below) and each hold a special place in my heart.   (Both won a place on my favorite neutral paint list).

In fact, I don’t really see them as equivalents to compare, but each having their own space in the black paint loving world. Over the last few years, they’ve climbed their way up as some of the most popular black paint colors.

It can still be tricky to decide between the two for your house projects. So, I’ll dust off my adjective vocabulary and describe each to better describe Iron Ore vs. Tricorn Black.

iron ore vs. tricorn black color samples

How does Iron Ore Compare to Tricorn Black?

Tricorn Black is a deep, neutral true black paint without any pesky purple undertones. If you want the blackest black, this is your paint. There is absolutely no second guessing whether this is a faithful black paint. 

With light reflectance, Tricorn black does not change. It is a consistent, rich black color.

Iron Ore is a very dark, charcoal black with a lot of depth. It will appear black until you get it right next to something pure black like Tricorn. Then you can see it’s not the richest of blacks. It’s a lovely, softer black paint.

While Iron Ore is pretty neutral black paint, it can have some very slight greenish blue undertones especially next to a creamy white paint or in some outdoor lighting.

When comparing colors, I have some tips on Testing Paint Samples to help choose the right color for your space.

porch with front doors painted Tricorn Black

Tricorn Black Paint Projects

As mentioned, I’ve used Tricorn Black SW on many projects. Most notably, I painted my entire the exterior of my home Tricorn Black! More recently, I used it for refacing my stone fireplace and painting my front doors black. It has never let me down! 

I choose Tricorn Black when I want something bold with contrast. This makes it perfect for front doors, fireplaces, and cabinets.

You might be wondering what color Tricorn Black works with. Being a true, neutral black it plays well with most! I love it with other neutral colors – but that’s just me and my neutral loving heart. 

Wondering what white goes with Tricorn Black? For the house exterior, I painted the house Tricorn Black with with Sherwin Williams Pure White trim.  It’s a nice neutral combination.

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Is Tricorn Black Warm or Cool?

Sorting through paint undertones can be tricky. Good news though, Tricorn Black is a true black paint color. It’s neither warm nor cool with a balance of undertones.

This means it works well with a variety of paint colors and will not appear too blue or green with different lighting.

kitchen cabinets painted with iron ore black paint

Iron Ore Projects

As my trusty stand by, I keep Iron Ore Sherwin Williams on hand and bust out when I just feel like painting something black.  As a softer black, it has a bit less contrast yet feels really rich.

Recently, it really came through for me when I painted my kitchen cabinets Iron Ore during my small kitchen remodel. It is definitely the star of that show! 

Iron Ore also make a beautiful accent wall color. It has served me well in these projects:

Curious about how to use in your home? Read How to Choose Accent Walls for my tips and ideas.

Does SW Iron Ore look blue?

Although it’s a pretty neutral black, Iron Ore does have some slight green blue undertones. This will be more apparent next to warmer colors or in sunny daylight.  Remember indoor lighting affects paint colors too, those cool daylight bulbs (my nemesis!) casts a blue filter on everything.

What color is closest to Iron Ore?

Iron Ore is very similar to Wrought Iron from Benjamin Moore. They are both a softer black though I’d say Wrought Iron is a little more black while Iron Ore is every so slightly more gray. They are pretty comparable to the naked eye.

How to Use Black Paint

I know many people think using black paint is kind of dramatic or risky and in some ways it is. Personally I see it exactly opposite! I’ve never painted anything black and regretted it. Because black (especially the right black) adds depth, it actually can make a room feel cozy and expansive. It’s a beautiful backdrop next to light wood and green plants (which is pretty much my design trifecta). 

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out 3 Simple Ways to Use Black Paint in Your Home where I share some small and easy projects.

bedroom wall with black paint samples

Paint Samples

If you’re still deciding between Iron Ore vs Tricorn Black, I highly recommend using peel and stick paint samples. Samplize has great options to get an accurate(and mess-free!) idea of how the colors work in your home. It’s a great alternative to those little paint sample jars are really spendy and can’t be used on an actual project (true story).

Samplize sends large peel and stick sheets (we all know those tiny paper color chips are rarely helpful!) that you can put on your wall. Plus, you can move them around to see how the color looks in different lighting. I suggest viewing them at different times of the day for various lighting. Also, see how the color works next to existing trim or cabinets. 

Iron Ore 7069 Sample

Tricorn Black 6258 Sample

I hope this helps decode the difference between Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black vs Iron Ore. They are both very lovely black paint colors that work well for a variety home projects.