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7 Versatile Woven Baskets to Organize Your Home

Here we are in the throes of winter and I’m organizing everything in sight. Spring cleaning is much too far away and I’m already looking to purge and deep clean. Over the years, I’ve learned to make do with much less. But, as much as I edit, there are still those items that still need to be corralled, stored, or tucked away. For this, I look to woven baskets as they also provide some texture and pretty up the space. Here, I’m rounding up some of my favorite woven baskets and how I use them in our home! 

coffee table basket tray
coffee table woven basket

Woven Baskets

I use baskets in almost every space which is why they are include in my Essential Home Styling Supply list.

Of course, baskets are super helpful for corralling all the things – but they are just one aspect of my overall approach to organizing. Check out my guide How to Organize Your Home in 5 Easy Steps for the full process.


woven baskets in various shapes and sizes for home decor

My Favorite Baskets

1. Hyacinth Wicker Basket – I use this exact basket in our entryway to store our shoes. I love the shape of it and it’s one of the sturdiest woven baskets I’ve found!

2. Modern Black & Natural Basket – This size & shape is a great catch all for bathroom accessories

3. Woven Magazine Holder – I use a similar one of these storage baskets for the few special magazines I keep along with a couple of books in our living room. I think it would also work well in the office to hold folders or files!

4. Small Rectangle Baskets – I use these everywhere! They are a perfect size for office odds and ends or a bathroom catch all. I also use one by our front door for keys and masks.

5. Rattan Baskets – I use this style in several different ways including a laundry hamper, blanket storage, and I even added a round wood top turning one into a side table!

6. Woven Seagrass Basket – I would use these in the office or pantry – or really anywhere! These add texture & pattern (two of the seven design elements!)

7. Woven Round Basket with Handles – This style is perfect for hiding an ugly plant planter or setting out in the living room for blankets, pet or kid toys.

8. Square Storage Baskets – While I love a good round basket, these square ones fit well under tables or angular places. I use similar ones in our entryway for extra pillows and previously, school binders.

9. Tall Round Basket – These are a pretty way to handle laundry

Woven Baskets Design Ideas

pantry with woven baskets and storage containers
square baskets in the pantry

So my pantry didn’t stay like this for long. And you know what? I never planned it to.

However, I do like to start with a clean slate (like when I decorate shelves) and build the functional bones first. Then I add the food and supplies.

baskets for extra blankets
round basket for extra blankets

Round baskets are a great way to add a variety of shapes to a room. We often end up with lots of line and boxy furniture which can make a space feel flat. (Think of hotel rooms, they are so guilty of this).

I break it up with curves and rounded baskets!

woven baskets for storage add extra texture and warmth
magazine & piano music holder

When choosing baskets, I like mixing and matching the shapes, textures, and colors. This keeps it feeling authentic and avoids the “I bought the whole set at home goods looks.”

entryway way storage and styling
square entryway baskets for shoes, gear, and apparently kitties too 🙂

Want more woven goodness? Check out some of my favorite Basket Light Chandeliers to add even more texture. Or, check out my list of Home Decor That Looks Good in Any Space.

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