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How to Organize a Home in 5 Easy Steps

If there is one obstacle to styling a home, it’s figuring out what to do with all.this.stuff.  As a single mom of two tween/teen boys, I am often up to my eyeballs with soccer gear, book bags, and Nerf. While it’s an ongoing struggle, I mean process, I’ve developed a few organizational strategies along the way. And when I say strategies, I am talking about more than just baskets & pantry labels here folks. Because it’s a million times easier to style an orderly space, I’m sharing  how to organize your home here with 5 easy steps. 

pantry organization with glass canisters, baskets, and neutral pieces

1. Purge Baby Purge

You know I had to say this one right? I mean, why waste your time sorting & battling odds & ends no longer needed?

About every 3 months, I go through the house and give it a quick edit. What is no longer useful, what have we grown out of, what holds on to some negative memories?  I call it the urge to purge. And it feels so good! 

Honestly, adopting an overall more minimal approach in the home gives a sense of calm and relief that I never had before. 

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2. O.H.I.O. Rule (Only Handle It Once): 

I learned this strategy years ago and let me tell you, it is one of the most powerful organizational tips. The idea behind it is that you should only handle the item once before it is put away/trashed/stored/etc. 

So, for example, incoming mail should be taken from the mailbox directly to its designated spot (if not opened and handled immediately).  

Honestly, when I’m decluttering, you might hear me repeating, “OHIO, OHIO, OHIO” over & over. 

How to Organize

  • Declutter & Purge
  • O.H.I.O (only handle it once)
  • Create Zones
  • Group Like Items
  • Set Routines

3. Zone Organization:

For those of you who love sports, this is the zone defense right here. Organize your home into different zones based on functionality. 

For example, create a designated workspace, a relaxation zone, a kitchen zone, and a sports gear zone. Keep items related to each zone together for easy access and functionality.

Since I work from home, I’ve created many different work spaces and have shared my tips on How to Create a Small Home Office which falls in line with the zone mentality!

Tip: My boys’ chore lists revolves around the zones. Each day, they have a different “zone” they are in charge of maintaining.

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4. Group It:

Building on the zone idea, group all like items together. 

For example, keep all kitchen utensils in one drawer, all shoes in one closet, or all books on one bookshelf. This makes it easier to find things when needed.  

I especially love this grouping tip in the kitchens & bathrooms. I keep all the summer accessories like sunscreen, goggles, and bug spray all together so it’s ready to grab each season. 

Now, this is where all those woven baskets, pantry labels, and other organizational items come in handy. 


5. Make it a Routine:

Organization is not a one and done kind of deal. Sure, it’s gets easier as we set things up, but we have to keep at it. So, establish daily, weekly, and seasonal routines to keep your home organized. 

For example, make it a habit to put away items after use, do a quick cleanup each evening, or designate a specific day for laundry.

Ongoing Process

Finally, embrace the idea that organizing is an ongoing process. You’ll try some strategies and maybe like some more than others. Maybe you’ll need to tweak it slightly to fit your family. But just like embracing any new habit, be kind to yourself! 

Hopefully, these five tips give you an action plan on how to organize your home. And if you have a good tip I missed, drop it in the comments below! Once your home is organized, the styling comes next! Be sure to check out, How to Decorate a Room From Start to Finish for the next step.

And, if you’re really feeling overwhelmed, you might consider consulting with an expert. Businesses like The Neat Method offer professional services to really sort things out.

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how to organize your home in 5 easy steps