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Simple Hall Closet Makeover – Easy Weekend DIY

It’s been a few months since we moved into this 1930’s bungalow and it’s been quite the journey! While I’m enjoying getting settled in, I’m honestly struggling a bit with completing projects and finding function in this cozy older home. So with backpacks and jackets piling up, I chose to take on the cramped closet in hopes of creating a more workable space. I completed this hall closet makeover in just one weekend and it could not have been easier!

hall closet makeover with hooks, baskets, and removed door

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hall closet before makeover

Here’s a peek at the closet set up before. It’s right next to our side door which actually gets a lot of use so I was looking to make it more useful for back packs, shoes, and soccer gear.

messy closet before makeover

The sliding doors and small space made it hard to navigate and get in and out of it (and take pictures!). I completed this makeover as part of my entire decluttering process – learn How To Organize Your Home in 5 Easy Steps.

Tackling small spaces and creating areas that work for me and the boys have taken top priority over bigger, more costly endeavors (although the fireplace glow up I completed last month wasn’t about function, it certainly was a quick update!).

Hall Closet Makeover Steps

DIY closet transformation

Because this is an older home, we have a few basic built ins. If built ins are not an option, I found some easy DIY alternatives including these tall wood shelves and a wood shoe bench. Beyond that here are the steps I took:

1. Remove sliding doors

This was way easier than I thought, I unscrewed the metal hardware and detached the doors! I also removed the track hardware, saving in case needed for later.

2. Take down closet rod

This was easier than I thought and created a nice open space.

painting hall closet

3. Patch holes

Before painting, I always check for necessary holes to patch and use my favorite All in One Hole Filler (seriously, it’s genius!).

4. Caulk any existing seams

Caulk is essential for creating more of a custom look and so necessary for older homes like this one that needs a bit of refinement. This is the caulk I use.

5. Clean & prime tile floor

Now, this is just a small amount of tile that won’t really get walked on so I decided to paint it with regular paint. Because of this, I cleaned and primed it first. Someday, I’ll replace all the flooring.

If you’re not changing the flooring, just skip this step!

adding wall hooks to a hall closet

6. Paint back wall & floor

Using leftover Iron Ore paint in a Matte finish I painted the back wall, top shelf, and floor to give it more depth.

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7. Install wall hooks

Using black metal hooks, I created a more functional way for each of us to hang our bags & coats (full disclosure: these hooks are from my brother’s business where I also work)

hall closet baskets

8. Use baskets for organization

Finally, I used a variety of woven baskets to create even more practical functionality. I measured the top shelf and found 3 baskets that would make best use of the space.

The boys and I each have our own basket for less often used items like scarves, gloves, and other random items.

And that’s it! I am so happy with how this project turned out and even though it was a quick and easy one, it feels so good to cross something off this list and make our home more functional!

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