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Modern Bathroom Vanity Lights to Update Your Space

Like kitchens, bathrooms often feel like they need a complete remodel to see any improvement. Not true! Little changes, such as light fixtures, can make a dramatic impact. It’s actually an easier project than most people realize and can instantly transform a space. From complete overhauls to budget makeovers, I’ve spruced up a few bathrooms in my time! Here, I’m sharing some of my favorite modern bathroom vanity lights and some quick tips on how to choose the right size and style.

brass bathroom light fixture above mirror

For this small bathroom remodel, I used a brass cone light fixture to add some warmth to the black and white elements. I also loved the mix of shapes with the cone light, rounded mirror, and tile lines.

How Big Should Vanity Light Be Over the Vanity?

With so many options out there, you might be wondering how many lights you need over a vanity. Every bathroom is different, but there are a few guidelines which makes it easier to choose.

  • Vanity lights should not be wider than the actual vanity cabinet
  • Vanity lights should be 75% of the width of the cabinet
  • Vanity lights should be centered over the bathroom mirror
Bathroom Vanity Cabinet WidthIdeal Vanity Light Width (approximate)How Many Lights
24″at least 18″2-3
42″32″3- 4
48″36″4 or two separate lights fixture over double sinks
60″up to 48″5-6 or two separate lights fixture over double sinks preferable

modern bathroom vanity lights

Favorite Vanity Lights

  1. Black Matte Vanity Light Fixture – available in a few different finish combinations
  2. Brushed Silver 3 Light Cone Sconce
  3. Beech Wood Bathroom Lighting – great way to add warmth to a space
  4. Antique Brass Circle Bathroom Light – perfect for mid century or art deco vibes
  5. Black Vanity Light with 3 Bulbs – also available with more lights, I used this simple fixture in one of my bathrooms
  6. Bathroom Lighting with Cone Shade – lots of finishes to choose from
  7. Gold Vanity Light Bar – perfect for small bathrooms
  8. Matte White Modern Bathroom Vanity Light – shades available in lots of cool colors


  • Many lights can be installed with shades either up or down, consider what works best for the space and mirror interference
  • Bathroom vanity lights should be 3/4″ the width of the vanity cabinet to look proportional
  • Choose a lamp shade style that contrasts other elements. If everything is squared, use rounded lights. If there’s a circle mirror, go for more lines
modern bathroom vanity light update

How to Install a Bathroom Vanity Light?

Installing a bathroom fixture is usually easier than it first seems. Typically, it just involves removing the old light and then connecting the wires on the new one.

I installed a new light fixture for a really quick and easy bathroom upgrade by following a step by step vanity installation tutorial. Of course, if in doubt, call an electrician.

Curious about what types of light bulbs to use? Check out my post on Warm Light vs Cool Light for the home.