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5 Essential Home Styling Supplies

Do you ever feel like you don’t have what you need to style a room? I know there is a lot of pressure out there to buy more pillows and bring back a “haul” from a big store. But you know what? That’s just not my jam. Instead, I like to focus on key items that I find helpful in almost any space. Here, I’m sharing my very favorite home styling supplies that I keep on hand for tackling any space!

entryway with art work, shelf, hooks, and bench
black console table entryway
thrift store table painted chalk paint black

5 Home Styling Essentials


1. Black Paint

Ok, “paint it black” is pretty much my motto these days. Whether it’s a wall, doors, or planter, let me just paint it black. (I mean, I did paint my entire house black for goodness sake!)

Black has so much to offer! It gives a space definition and contrast. Also, black pretty much transforms anything outdated to modern and fresh.

front doors painted black and styled front porch
Painted front doors & plants stands really took this front porch to the next level.

A can of matte black paint transformed my front doors and made for a quick and easy update.

styled wood shelves
color block planters using painter’s tape for clean lines

You might’ve noticed I’m also a big fan of black walls. There’s a misconception that it makes the room feel dark. Oh no! It’s actually great for defining a space and allowing other details to shine. Like this bedroom office nook which is my absolute favorite corner.

book shelf styled with baskets and plants
so many baskets working hard here

2. Woven Baskets

Ok, woven baskets come through for me every time. Whether I need some added texture or a way to cover a “flaw,” baskets are one of my go to home styling supplies.

I use them for storage too, of course. Yet, I look for ways to choose them strategically.

woven baskets for planters

These round baskets are serving multiple functions here! They are masking ugly planter pots (the ones the plants came in). Plus the tall one is also visually covering a large outlet. Finally, their round shape also gives this space some much needed relief from all the lines.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out some of my favorite woven baskets and how I’ve used them throughout my home.

3. Stools

Another home styling supply I cannot living without is a good sturdy stool. I use stools for so many things and they work great in a pinch!

living room with stool plant stand

I often use stools as plant stands to add extra height and are often what a little space needs.

This wood acacia stool has served many functions over the years! From a plant stand here, to a side table later and cleared off when we need extra seating for game night.

family room couch with rug, table, and updated furniture legs

Additionally, stools work well as side tables. I often include them in the living room or in a little sitting area. Living room side tables are often large and clunky, a good stool can jump in and serve that purpose with minimal space.

4. Furniture Leg Replacements

It’s all in the details right? Well, furniture legs make a big difference and one of my secret home styling supplies! Once I realized how easy it is to change them out, I keep this update in my back pocket.

living room with couch, chair, table, and rug

For example, this dark charcoal gray couch is one of my favorite furniture pieces, but did not love the squared 80’s style legs.

living room with couch, rugs, art work, and plants
updated furniture legs, shown here on the ottoman as well

Enter, these Wood Furniture Legs! I simply unscrewed the old ones and replaced them with a simple round wood option. It’s a small detail but makes a big impact.

Furniture legs have pretty standard screws but just double check yours before ordering (some legs have a screw & bolt combo to be aware of, you’ll need a different type for that).

coffee table with metal legs

A version of this idea includes just creating furniture with table legs. I made this coffee table with a finished butcher block + metal table legs.

black office wall and art work

5. Vertical Art Print

Finally, vertical art prints are my last home styling supply!

A good solid (vertical) art print is like a long time friend, one who is always there and steps up when needed. I suggest keeping a few neutral art prints on hand for those tough home styling situations.

black dresser with art prints

Why vertical? Well, chances are, we already have tons of horizontal art work. You know, landscapes and such. Those are great too! Especially for layering (see office shelf above) or for those smaller spaces .

However, vertical art work adds much needed height (something almost every room needs) to bring the eye up!

Home Styling Final Thoughts

I hope this list of versatile home styling supplies shows you how just a few key items can go the distance in styling a home. Buying a ton of home decor it not necessary for a lovely, cozy space. If you’re wondering more about putting all the pieces together, check out my step by step guide, How to Decorate a Room From Start to Finish.