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5 Seriously Easy Indoor Plants for Beginners

For many years, our house was essentially plant-less. I told myself I didn’t have a green thumb and figured it just wasn’t meant to be. I even killed an air plant. But, after my concussions, I began looking for easy, calming, and safe ways to spend my time. With a few inexpensive and easy indoor plants from the grocery store, I gave it another try. 

living room with easy indoor plants
our family room which has turned into a little plant oasis

And, to my surprise, they lived. And grew. Of course, there were also a few casualties along the way (oh, you fickle fiddle fig and sassy succulents….) but as I kept trying, I found a few indoor plants I know I can always count on. 

So, if you’re looking for easy, no nonsense plants or some tried and true greenery for your jungalow, I’m sharing my pick of the top easy indoor plants for beginners.

easy indoor house plants

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pothos house plant
every so often I let some of my plants really soak in water and drain in the sink


This was my very first plant. I find she’s the most forgiving and perks up if forgotten awhile. Pothos boast a lush trailing vine that can be easily propagated (which means you can keep adding to your plant collection, win!).

jade house plant

Jade Plant

This beauty is part of the succulent family and seems a little more tolerant of mistakes. Although it does need to rest and be handled gently during repotting (due to its shallow root ball). Little jades are perfect window sill plants and can also grow to be quite large.

Jade is also easily propagated to make dozens of little baby plants – yay!

perperomia plant on shelf


There are many different types of this sweet plant. Some varieties have marbled leaves, making them a good plant to include in a plant wall for contrast. Peperomia are also easy to find and often sold at Trader Joes!

weeping fig plant
Weeping figs are one of my most favorites

Weeping Fig – Ficus Tree

These delicate looking plants are in the Ficus family along with the Rubber Plant and the fickle Fiddle Fig, but I think they are so much more tolerable and lenient.

tall houseplant commonly called a "Janet Craig", an easy indoor plant
Can you believe we found Janet at Costco??

Janet Craig – Draecana Plant

This gal was once a popular potted plant, she’s making a come back with lush leaves and taller varieties. These love indirect light and dry soil in between waterings.

Easy Indoor Plants – More Inspiration

If you’re looking for more plant inspiration, check out my post on 9 Houseplants Available on Amazon (really!) and if you’re still hesitant about your luck with houseplants, check out these ways to add greenery to your home without faux plants.

And, just in case you haven’t completely been won over by the Bungalow concept, check out Wild At Home from Hilton Carter for jaw dropping plant styling and his journey starting from one little plant. I also created a Plant Lover’s Gift Guide to share that plant love!

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5 easy indoor plants for beginners - including tips and quick information