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5 Ways to Add Greenery Home Decor Without Plants

If you ask me, you can never have enough plants. They single-handedly bring life into a room and make it feel like a home. Earlier this week I shared some of my favorite, easy houseplants that I have in our home. Even with easy plants, it can still be difficult to bring greenery inside. Of course, faux plants are always an option -forever green and simple. I still have a few, but I really like finding other ways of bringing nature inside. Here, I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to easily incorporate botanical home decor to liven up a space.

5 easy ways to incorporate greenery without faux plants

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How to Incorporate Botanical Home Decor Naturally

modern botanical artwork posters
Modern Botanical Art Prints make a bold statement

1. Botanical Artwork

Many rooms in our house, like our small bedroom, do not get a lot of natural light. This falls under the “if I had it to do all over again category.” So, to make the most of it, I use a lot of botanical artwork to add some greenery and life to otherwise dark, difficult spaces.

succulent art print on shelf

2. Dried Greenery

Faux Stems are all the rage lately and there are some pretty ones out there (like this one or this one), but dried greenery is really easy too. The natural imperfections and variations add some dimension and interest, I think. My favorite dried stems are eucalyptus and waxflower (you can find fresh waxflower at Trader Joe’s or other grocery stores in early spring and dry on your own!)

botanic wallpaper with green leaves
Pretty botanical wallpaper from Magnolia by Joanna Gaines

3. Botanical Wallpaper

Ok, I admit. I have not tried wallpaper! I am so intrigued, yet so afraid at the same time. Perhaps I’m scarred from the jewel tone fruit border wallpaper we tore down from the kitchen when we moved in. In any case, there are some really pretty natural, botanical wallpaper prints out there. Some are even peel & stick removable! (my, how far we’ve come.) Since I’m not feeling super brave here, framing wallpaper in an oversized poster frame could also make a huge impact.

outdoor plant clippings are an easy way to add greenery indoors
outdoor plant clippings are an easy way to add greenery indoors

4. Outdoor Plant Clippings

So this one seems so obvious maybe it’s not worth the mention. But then I think of how many times I’ve wanted more greenery around the home and feeling like I need a new plant, or a flower bouquet, or something and forget I have so many options outside!

Literally, just going outside and clipping some of our bushes or shrubs and putting them in a pretty vase or jar is all that’s needed. This year, I used a fallen Douglas Fir twig in this Studio McGee vase for the whole month of January! 

olive branch botanical lumbar throw pillow livens up bedroom space
Pretty olive branch botanical pillow livens up the space

5. Botanical Home Decor

Need another way to bring nature inside? I think botanical home decor pieces like pillows, planners, and this uh-mazing chandelier do a great job of adding in movement and vibrancy to a room. This planner would be a welcome addition to my desk and bring some brightness to my work corner. Here are more of my favorite botanical home decor items:

  1. Botanical Monthly Planner
  2. Simple Botanical Art Print (download & print yourself!)
  3. Palm Leaf Lumbar Pillow
  4. Watercolor Botanical Artwork Set
  5. Removable Botanical Wallpaper
  6. Dried Preserved Eucalyptus
  7. Floral Sketch Throw Pillow
  8. Wood Trim Fern Study Wall Hanging
removable botanical wallpaper
Removable Botanical Wallpaper for bold dose of greenery!