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4 Ways to Add Greenery Home Decor Without Actual Plants

If you ask me, we’ve all got a secret plant lady inside. Plants just make a room feel alive, you know? Plus, they also add a sense of calm (yes, please!). But, like many of you, my green thumb struggles a bit. Even with easy plants, it can still be difficult to keep them alive. Or, maybe you’ve got a room without natural light. Well, that doesn’t mean we can’t still bring in some green! I’m sharing five of my favorites ways to add greenery home decor without actual plants – or any fake ones!

black entryway table with shrub clippings in vase

And let’s just get that plastic elephant out of the room now shall we? You know, fake, or, erm faux plants. I know they can be tempting. I’ve had a few of myself. But you know, they just don’t have the same effect as actual greenery. They’re just too….perfect.

If you read about my Case for Imperfect Home Styling you’ll know that authenticity beats out perfection every time.

Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get on with how to add some greenery to your home decor!

black dresser with artwork in bedroom

1. Botanical Artwork

One of my favorite ways of adding greenery home decor is by being intentional with art work. I generally mix things up every couple months and I’m always amazed and what an impact art has on a space!

By simply adding a floral or botanical art print, a space instantly feels more dynamic, alive, and engaged. It’s like your brain substitutes it for the real thing!

One of my favorite sources for art is Juniper Print Shop, a women-owned business who features women artists – win!

Botanical Artwork

shelf styling with books, artwork, and vase with dried greenery home decor

2. Dried Greenery

If you grew up in the 80’s like me, you might remember all those dried flowers and crunchy potpourri (I had to look up the spelling on this one, it’s been so long!).

Well, things have come a long way. There are tons of options for dried plants that actually stay green! This is one of my favorite ways of adding the feeling of plants to a space with low light.


bedroom with palm wallpaper and brass sconce

3. Botanical Wallpaper

Ok, I admit. I have not tried wallpaper! I am so intrigued, yet so afraid at the same time. Perhaps I’m scarred from the jewel tone fruit border wallpaper we tore down from the kitchen from a previous house.

In any case, there are some really pretty natural, botanical wallpaper prints out there. I like this cute site, Livette’s Wallpaper and also found this charming modern botanical wallpaper on Etsy.

Some are even peel & stick removable! (my, how far we’ve come.)

living room styling with vases and branches

4. Outdoor Plant Clippings

So this one seems so obvious maybe it’s not worth the mention. But it always comes in clutch for me!

There are so many times I’ve wanted more greenery home decor and felt like I need a new plant but realized how many options I have outside!

I’m a big fan of heading outdoors and trimming some shrubs or plants to bring indoors.

One thing to note though, many outdoor plants are poisonous so be sure to check first (especially for pets & kids!). Here’s a list of common poisonous plants just to be safe.

4 ways to add greenery home decor without plants

I hope this post gives you some ideas on how to add greenery home decor – even in the trickiest of rooms! I’ve used these same tips to style a vacation rental, a space where live plants are definitely a challenge!