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How to Style House Plants Like a Designer

Maybe you’ve got a serious green thumb or you’re beginning a love affair with plants, learning how to style your home with plants can be a whole other challenge! About 5 years ago, I somehow managed to kill a cactus (truth!). But, after seeing how even one little plant instantly transforms a space, I worked even harder to learn how to include them in our home. I’ve come up with some quick and easy tips, so even if you’re working with the faux variety, let me show you how to style house plants! 

how to style house plants like a pro

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how to style house plants tip: use tall plants to add height to empty spaces
This corner felt so empty and stark until this tall Draecana, also called a ‘Janet Craig’ plant came along!

1. Use Tall House Plants for Height! 

We all have those odd corners or random blank spaces that just need something. But what? A lamp isn’t necessary, it’s too small for furniture, or maybe, your eyes just tell you that it feels unbalanced. Cue those tall houseplants! 

writing nook with desk, rug, plant, and chair
This snake plant is not super tall but the height balances the corner of the nook

For added height, my favorite is the snake plant. They are easy to find, hard to kill and grow straight up. If you’re looking for more easy plants, check out my list for Seriously Easy Indoor Plants.

styling with houseplants
This little pothos creates some softness against the black and white contrast

2. Add Plants to Soften Harsh Areas

When I’m facing a tricky space, maybe it’s a weird ledge or a less than optimal transition between rooms, a plant can smooth out the edges a bit. For this type of solution, I often look for leafy, softer plants like a pothos or ficus. 

If you love pothos, check out my tips on how to propagate and make baby plants!

how to style houseplants like a pro
Our boxy family room feels very one dimensional without all of these houseplants to add some depth and movement

3. Use Plants to Add Dimension to a Space

Confession- one of the first rooms I worked on checked so many design boxes but failed overall. Even though I had proportion and balance and texture, the room still felt flat and I could never put my finger on it. It wasn’t until after we moved out that I looked back and realized that the space really needed some dimension.

Plants provide a sense of movement, life, and depth.  This is something no throw pillow or blanket can ever provide! 

how to decorate with houseplants
With the white walls, new flooring and new trim this space could feel too “new” – plant give it those natural, lived in vibes

4. Use Plants for Organic Imperfect Vibes

Ok. Here me out here. This tip for how to style house plants is not necessarily for the faux plant crew, but I strongly believe that the wild imperfections of plants balance out what are often otherwise ‘perfect’ places. 

tips for decorating with houseplants
I love how this old jade just feels like it has a story to tell

Why would we want yellowed leaves or wayward stems? Well, because they make a space feel real. Sometimes homes (especially newer builds) can feel just so put together and planned that it lacks a sense of authenticity or feeling. 

Give me a brand new space with immaculately chosen details and I will give you a trusty, aged jade plant in a weathered pot. 

how to style house plants for depth and interest
A few of my houseplants rounded up for water and sunglight

House Plant Accessories

plant accessories for any plant lover
  1. Modern Plant Stand – cool planter and extra height all in one
  2. Copper Watering Can – so pretty, I’d probably keep this on on my shelf!
  3. Wood Stool – perfect as a plant stand
  4. Concrete Planter for shape and texture
  5. Plant Mister for all those little plant babies
  6. Wild at Home Book – a must have for any plant lover
  7. Plant Basket – an easy way to add height with small plants

Looking for more plant inspiration? Check out my Plant Lover’s Gift Guide and 5 Easy Indoor Plants for a Beginner