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9 Easy Houseplants You Can Find on Amazon

For years, I was so envious of those with that elusive green thumb. Friends with numerous tall, leafy plants in each room and succulents in window sills. Even the trusty aloe plant didn’t seem to happy in our home. But, after being homebound with kids, work, and recovery I decided to ditch the faux and try my hand at keeping these green things alive. Admittedly, some houseplants fared better than others. But, I’ve found a crew of easy houseplants all of which can be found on Amazon!

easy houseplants on amazon

(Part of my design journey includes sourcing great products and sharing them with you! Naturally, some of my content includes affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and purchase. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This commission allows me to write more content and support our family, so thank you!)

Easy Houseplants on Amazon

  1. Pothos Plantthis was one of my very first house plants!
  2. Burgundy Rubber Plant
  3. Monstera House Plant
  4. Jade Plant
  5. ZZ Plant – one of my all time favorites to add height
  6. Weeping Fig Ficus Plant
  7. Majesty Palm Houseplant
  8. Snake Plant – I have one of these in almost every room!
  9. Haworthia Easy Care Succulent
snake plant
Snake Plant – one of my all time favorite easy houseplants to style with

Snake plants are some of my favorite houseplants because they are an easy way to add height in rooms. While they are easy to care for, sometimes they need a little TLC. I just started using this plant food to help with drooping leaves.

Can you actually buy houseplants online?

I was wondering the exact same thing! And yes, yes you can! Initially, I was hesitant about purchasing plants online but had heard good experiences from friends.

Eventually, I took the plunge and ordered our Fiddle Leaf Fig from Costa Farms and am so pleased with the plant – not paid to say that either ! I’d definitely order more houseplants online in the future.

Plant Tips: Plan Ahead!

Ordering houseplants online is so easy -but it’s so convenient it can be easy to forget about their trek to you. I suggest ordering when the weather is cool to keep the plants from having to endure hot days in a delivery truck.

Keep an eye on the tracking details and try to be home for delivery so your new houseplant isn’t left out in the elements!

Shop my favorite houseplants:

Although I’m pretty loyal to our local nursery, I’ve since ordered several more plants including mini succulents and love the convenience. While shopping, check out my favorite House Decor Gifts on Amazon – paired together with plants, would make for a lovely housewarming gift!

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easy house plants on amazon