How to Propagate Pothos Plants – Easy DIY

If you know anything about me, you might know that I’m a little addicted to plants. After trying a few easy houseplants, I can’t seem to have enough around our home. othos is one the easiest, most forgiving plants I’ve found. It’s also a perfect candidate for propogating. Learning how to propagate pothos plants pretty much satisfies my plant addiction and feels like the next level in plant care!

how to propagate pothos plants

Propagating, or making new, tiny plants using cuttings from existing plants is a million times easier than I ever would’ve believed. There’s just a few important things to know before you learn how to propagate pothos plants.

easy to propagate pothos houseplant

If you don’t yet have a pothos, they are easy to find. I often see them at Trader Joe’s and the grocery store. You can even purchase them from Amazon!

How to propagate pothos plants

  • Start with a well watered, healthy plant. This one is about 4 years old but I could’ve started sooner
  • Look for the longest tail of the pothos vine
  • Count up about 4-5 healthy leaves 
  • Find the little root nubs on the pothos stem
pothos plant propagation
Close up of the little root nubs
  • Cleanly snip off about 4- to 6-inch length of healthy stem, a few inches after a root nub
  • Place the pothos cutting in jar filled with room temperature water
  • Place the jar in a well lit place but not direct lighting (I sit mine on a shelf near a window)
  • Roots may take about a month to really develop, but check each week
propagating a pothos plant
  • Once roots have grown, replant in small pot with potting soil. This root is not quite ready but definitely coming along! (*if they’re left too long they can get used to water & be hard to transplant)
how to propagate a pothos plant

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