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Interior Design Styles 2024

One of the main questions I receive is, “what is your interior decor style?” To be honest, it’s a mix of a couple different styles and for many years I really had no idea. I mean, I knew about various styles, but what felt right to ME? After a lot of exploration and experimenting, I’ve finally settled into my perspective. And you know what? It makes styling so much easier having this knowledge up front! Here, I’m sharing with a complete guide to many of the main interior design styles and how you can include them in your home.

modern coastal dining room

Modern Coastal  

Coastal design style is all about natural materials, calm earthy tones, and organic shapes.  It has an overall sense of tranquility and breeziness.

Think soft beiges, shades of blues, and lots of woven, textured elements. Look for lighter wood colors and neutral colors.

Also called California Coastal, this style has a very subtle with a nod to those casual, Pacific vibes. Check out my Coastal Dining Room design board for more inspiration.

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organic modern dining room

Modern Decor

Modern decor is all about simplicity. It includes neutral colors, high contrast, and functional pieces. Think fuss-free pieces and streamlined silhouettes. You’ll find lots of shades of blacks, whites, and natural elements like wood and steel.

A related design style, Organic Modern, keeps all of the minimal vibes but adds more nature inspired elements like plants, jute rugs, and woven fixtures. 

mid century modern dining room

Mid Century Modern

Mid-century modern decor is a timeless design style that seamlessly blends the past and present. Known for its clean lines, organic shapes, and a touch of minimalism, it evokes the charm of the 1950s and 60s.

This style often features warm, earthy tones like teak and walnut wood, with pops of bold colors and geometric patterns. Iconic elements include Eames chairs and sleek, tapered legs.

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traditional decor living room

Traditional Decor Style

Traditional home design is defined by classic shapes, colors, and elements. This style includes a lot of symmetry with established colors and patterns.

Traditional decor often includes muted shades with a few pops of color. There is a hint of history or glamour with rich touches, upholstery, and window coverings.

Overall, traditional is classic, elevated, and comforting.

transitional living room decor

Transitional Design Style

Transitional decor style is the perfect balance of classic and modern. It includes appreciating time-honored design features while also embracing contemporary elements.

Think timeless furniture and colors with more minimal artwork and decor. Transitional includes fresh, neutral colors but with some bolder or darker shades too. 

Color Schemes for Each Decor Style

boho style bedroom


Boho style home decor is unique, eclectic, and free-spirited. It often includes unique items with stories behind them such vintage pieces, meaningful artwork, or elements from a variety of cultures.

Boho features warmer, earthy colors and lots of natural elements such as woven baskets and plants. There is an authentic, cozy vibe with this style that can often be mixed well with other styles such as farmhouse or modern.

modern farmhouse bedroom decor

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse interior design balances both welcoming comfort with a more minimal modern touch.

Relying heavily on contrast, this style includes a lot black & white, new & old, rustic & refined. When it comes to paint colors, modern farmhouse includes trues neutrals and is often monochromatic. 

scandinavian style with light wood desk, chair, and light colors


This style started in Nordic countries and is known for its minimalist and functional design. It typically features light colors, natural materials such as wood and leather, and simple, functional furniture with clean lines.

Scandinavian decor often incorporates hygge, a Danish concept of coziness and comfort.

What’s your interior decor style?

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After reading about all these design styles, which one feels most comfortable to you? Hard to choose just one? It’s common to be drawn towards a couple types. My style is both Organic Modern and Boho with a touch of California Coastal. 

Want more help narrowing it down? Take my interior design style quiz and see where you land!