Modern Decor Design Package


Calling all modern decor lovers! Whether you’re looking to update your wall paint, completely restyle your living room, or need some decorating inspiration, the Modern Design Package is for you! 

With its carefully curated decor and furniture pieces plus researched wall paint colors, this package will make styling your home easier than ever. 

With a Living Room Design Board + Sources, Entire Home Paint Palette, Additional Decor + Sources, and a Resource Page, the Modern Design Package will take your modern home styling to the next level. 

You’ll receive: a styled Living Room Design Board with sources, 4 Specific Sherwin Williams Paint Colors and where to use, Decor Pieces with Sources – all within Traditional Home Decor Style. Plus a resources page to help choosing rug and art sizes.

This package is ideal for those who love modern home decor and need help selecting decor and paint for their home.

After ordering, you’ll receive a pdf guide. Simply download the package and start selecting furniture and decor to purchase for you home.

What you get

With your purchase

Everything in this 14 page is lovingly and carefully selected for those who love traditional home decor:

  • Living Room Design Board + Sources to Purchase
  • Entire Home Paint Color Palette with suggestions for paint placement
  • Decor Design Board for entire home styling + Sources to Purchase
modern home decor

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the furniture and decor pieces are chosen with price, value, reviews, availability and of course, impact on styling, in mind. When possible, I select the most affordable item to include.

Each package includes four carefully researched paint colors that complement each other. Colors include code and labels for walls, trim, cabinets, and statement walls.

Great question! I select pieces from online sites where I shop myself. I look for nationwide availability, easy shipping, and familiarity.

I love providing support when I can. For general inquiries about packages or post purchase questions, just contact me!

Why purchase from

Home Styling Experience

With years of styling a variety of spaces, I’m confident in selecting colors & pieces

Curated Selections

Each package is filled with carefully selected and research decor and paint colors

Elements of Design

Styling work addresses the 7 elements of interior design for balanced spaces

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