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2021 and Done! My Favorite Home Decor This Year

Hoo boy! What a year it’s been. I think it’s safe to say we’re all ready for a fresh start. I know with my new home, I’ve been especially excited for new chapters and a new start – so bring on 2022! Before looking ahead though, I always like to pause and take a bit of reflection. So I’ve done that here and compiled my list of home decor favorites from 2021. From plant books to DIY home projects, here’s some of the very best this last year had to offer. Enjoy!

chalk paint dresser

DIY Project: Chalk Paint Dresser

Although I am really happy with my new fireplace project, there is just something about my Dresser DIY Makeover that I feel especially good about.

Maybe it’s because the dresser was a free find on Craiglist, or maybe it’s the satisfying black depth of the Rustoleum Milk Paint (not chalk paint!) that makes this one stand out for me.

favorite art prints

Favorite Artwork: Mesa & Otis

I truly love all of my art prints from Juniper Print Shop, but the Mesa print is one of my very favorites this year. I love the neutral shades that make me feel like I’m connected to nature.

Also, the Otis print is right up there – I love it so much I ordered it in the extra large 24″ x 36″!

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    home decor books

    Favorite Home Decor Book: Wild Creations

    I adore Hilton Carter and was so excited to see his new line at Target come out earlier this year along with his newest book Wild Creations! This book includes so many plant inspired projects and tutorials, it’s one I’ll treasure for years to come.

    modern light fixtures

    Favorite Splurge: Light Fixture

    Sooo, I haven’t technically splurged on this yet. But, truth be told, I visit this light fixture online several times a month. You that *one* thing that just feels so good, so beautiful, yet so out of reach? This modern chandelier from Rejuvenation is that elusive splurge for me. Some day my friends, some day.

    rattan basket

    Favorite Steal: Rattan Basket

    It’s not secret I’m a sucker for baskets – they’re both functional and beautiful. They add that extra warmth, texture, and shape most spaces needs. So, you can imagine I was excited to find this natural Rattan Woven Basket for less than $25!

    rounded mirror

    Favorite Steal Runner Up: Arch Mirror

    This Arch Mirror solves so many issues (proportions, shape, size) and is a complete steal at $60! It completely brightened up and ’rounded’ out this space in the new house.

    writing nook

    Favorite Styled Space: Writing Nook

    There is nothing I love more than turning unused or otherwise difficult spaces into something functional and pretty. This writing nook was just the transformation I needed.

    After my divorce it was an empty corner collecting random odds and ends. Feeling inspired to write and journal more, I turned this space into a simple writing nook where I could reflect and enjoy the mountain views. (More space inspiration on my Pinterest Boards)

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    Well, friends so long to 2021! I hope you enjoyed this round up – cheers to the new year ahead!

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