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My Word of the Year and Ideas for You

Each year, I choose a word that helps me focus on and plan for the year ahead. I have to admit though, I used to think a word of the year was pretty silly. Maybe a little pretentious? But after trying it out, I find that thinking on a specific, well-chosen word helps me refocus. This is especially helpful when things get tough or fly off the rails (which can be pretty often around here). I’ve previously chosen words like, “heal” or “grace” and even a phrase, “it is well.” For 2019, my word of the year is intentional.

Live Every Day with Intention Digital Download Art Print
Live Every Day With Intention – Digital Download Art Print

If you follow along on Instagram, you know I love a good to-do list and I’m all about my schedules and routines. They keep me sane. They are also comforting and helpful as my brain heals. However, these habits also create complacency and I often find myself on autopilot. So this year, I’m focusing on being more intentional. I hope to soak up each moment and be more mindful of my choices.

live every day with intention - motivational quote

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How to Incorporate Your Word of the Year:

Of course, starting off the year with this focus is easy, but as the days and months go by, it’s also easy to forget. Here are some ways I incorporate a word of the year into my every day life:

  • Post the word around you, whether it’s simple sticky notes or something fancy like a letter board or letter shelf wood grams
  • Use the word in your regular language and speak
  • Share it! I’ve noticed that telling people about it, whether friends or my husband or my Instagram crew, it helps me remember and stay true
  • Write it down & reflect – words of the year are perfect journal starters (this is my favorite one a day journal🙂

Word of the Year Ideas:

2019 words of the year

I think it’s important to remember that whatever word we choose, we’re free to change it midstream. Our life seasons don’t all begin and end with the new year and that’s perfectly fine. The year I sustained my first concussion, I think my initial word was ‘joy.’ But realizing I had a long recovery ahead, I then focused more on “heal.” It’s what I needed at that moment.

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live every day with intention
live every day with intention inspirational quote

And it just wouldn’t be a new year’s post without acknowledging the very best part of the new year in our family; my oldest son’s birthday. He was the first baby born in Portland for 2008. For me, all the fireworks and celebrations just add an exclamation point to the light he brings to this world.

Here’s to the journey ahead in 2019!