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Best White Quartz Countertops 2024

You guys! The kitchen is really coming along, it’s amazing what a few small changes can make. After completing the demo of some upper cabinets and the tiled counters last week, the new countertops and kitchen sink have been installed! I’m already loving them and can’t believe what an impact this alone has made. I searched for ages to find my favorite, neutral white quartz countertops and am excited to share that information with you here!

white quartz countertop in kitchen
spoiler- finished kitchen!

Updated 2024: Yep, even after many months have passed, these white countertops are still my favorite. In fact, I just purchased a new home and plan to use these again for that remodel!

kitchen before remodel
in case you forgot, here are the countertops before!

Countertop Colors

Choosing neutral colors in my home is really important to me. Neutral colors prevent things from feeling too warm, too cold, or taking on shades of pink or green in certain light.

I know I can’t be the only one who has carefully chosen a color, painted the wall, only to regret it later when the sun hits it just so! Well, the same is true for countertops!

What’s your home decor style?

neutral kitchen design

When choosing kitchen elements, I like to start with one specific element and build from there. In this case, I knew I wanted black cabinets. I chose Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams which meant I wanted some counter top contrast.

I briefly considered butcher block but since I’m doing wood shelves, I wanted to include another element, and landed on quartz. Although I chose directly from the store, it is possible to get countertop samples in advance.

white quartz countertop

But which quartz? There are so.many.options. I needed something that wasn’t too cool with blue undertones or too warm with flecks of gold or pink.

After some research and a few trips, erm, a few dozens trips to various design stores, I landed on Silestone Consentino in Statuario in the Suede finish which I think is one of the best white quartz countertops options out there!


How is Silestone Different Than Quartz?

Silestone is actually a brand of quartz. It’s an engineered stone made with mostly quartz and other materials that make it really strong. It’s considered to be one of the toughest types of quartz options out there!

I’ve worked with Silestone quartz in the past. I used Desert Silver in my last kitchen and really love the quality and availability.

I’ve found Silestone quartz to be really accessible – some of the lines and colors are even available at Home Depot, Lowe’s & Costco! I ordered mine directly from a countertop supplier but know it’s available at many local building supply stores.

white quartz countertops

Are white countertops a good idea?

You might be wondering this same thing. And absolutely yes! I think white countertops are a great idea. A non porous material like quartz is easy to clean and maintain. In fact, quartz is the most stain resistant material!

A white countertop gives a lot of contrast to darker cabinets and also reflects light, brightening things up! the slight veining pattern keeps it from looking commercial.

While considering color and contrast, it might help to review the 7 Elements of Interior Design.

white kitchen countertops with white subway, black cabinets, and open shelving

What color countertop never goes out of style?

When choosing remodel elements, I like to keep things neutral because it calms my mind. But another bonus of something like a white countertop is that it never goes out of style. It’s a tried and true classic.

And if someone down the road hated my black cabinets (how could they??!!), at least they’d have a clean slate with the white quartz countertops.

Ready to see the entire update? Check out my Small Kitchen Remodel for the finished space and list of sources!

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best white quartz countertops