How to Style a California Casual Dining Room Wherever You Live!

Maybe it’s all the extra sunshine we’ve had here in Oregon lately, but I’ve been feeling some majorly easy, breezy vibes. I’ve been leaning towards a casual, bright space and the calm that it brings. With a mix of natural woods, woven materials, and lush plants, it’s easy to create the contemporary coastal look. Using a mood board I created for a friend as a jumping off point, I’ve pulled together some key elements to easily create a California casual dining room anywhere!

california casual dining room mood board
California casual dining room space
Interior Design: Victoria Balson Interiors · Photography: Raquel Langworthy

I love how natural and relaxed this space feels! You can apply this look by incorporating a few key elements. Keep reading to see a list of some of my favorite pieces!

California Casual Decor Elements

  • Light woods – think white oaks, ash, and white maple (this wood species chart is helpful!)
  • Natural materials – such as linens, ceramics, woven materials, baskets (check out some of my all time favorite baskets)
  • Plants – of course, plants.
  • Uncluttered – less is more and negative space is your friend
  • Light & bright – make the most of those windows and white walls!

Ready to get the look? Here are some pieces to get started on creating a California Casual Dining Room space – but honestly, these would work great anywhere!

elements of california casual design
  1. Mesa Art Print (I love the larger sizes such as 40″ x 55″) 
  2.  Basket Chandelier woven lights add so much to a space! Want something more simple? I have this bell basket light in my entryway
  3. Geometric Area Rug
  4. Linen Curtains: (hang 4-5 inches above window and order 84″ or 96″ so that bottom of curtain skims the floor)
  5. Light Wood Dining Room Table
  6. Navy Shiplap – I’ve never tried these ready to install sheets, which might make it easier but I would probably use standard shiplap installed vertically and painted in Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore
  7. Woven Dining Room Chairs (Check out my Dining Room Chairs post for more options all under $120)
  8. Faux Tall Plant or use a Large Plant Basket with a tall plant with rounded leaves such as a rubber plant, ficus, or bird of paradise
  9. Ceramic Bowl – adds texture and a natural element
pacific natural home decor book

If you’re looking for even more cool California vibes, the book, Pacific Natural is one of my favorites sources for inspiration! I created a round up of my favorite home decor coffee table books that I have in my own home!

I also shared my Dining Room Remodel reveal for more ideas and inspiration.