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Mid Century Modern Living Room Design

When asked to define my home decor style, I usually struggle a bit coming up with just one term. We’ve got a little bit farmhouse, a little bit boho, and a whole lot of plants. I really do enjoy the mix. One style I’m currently loving, especially in the living room, is mid-century modern. Here, I’m sharing some of my favorite mid-century modern living room decor!

modern living room with bookcase, chair, and art
mid century living room with bookshelf

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What is a mid-century modern living room?

First, let’s define what we mean by mid-century modern (MCM) decor. Characterized by clean lines, minimal design, and natural light mid century decor is easy to incorporate into a variety of home styles. It’s a little retro and includes colors like teal, ochre, and amber.

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Of course, I still love my neutrals and select more muted colors for my twist on mid-century living room decor.

If you’re looking for more background, Mid Century Home is a great website with architectural history and lovely photos for inspiration. And, I have a Guide to Interior Design Styles with a complete overview with examples.

mid century modern living room design board

Mid-Century Modern Favorites:

  1. Mid Century Sputnik Light
  2. Ochre Abstract Art Print
  3. Gray Sofa with Wood Legs
  4. Blush Velvet Round Pillow
  5. Mid Century End Table
  6. Basketweave Wool Rug
  7. Mid-Century Storage Coffee Table
  8. Higgins Sling Arm Chair
  9. Mid Century Console Table
  10. Round Clay Vase
  11. Mid Century Plant Stands
mid century modern living room
room source: mid century living room chandelier

When I find a decor style I like, such as mid century modern, I typically choose just a handful of elements to include. Otherwise, the room can feel kind of forced and unnatural.

If you’d like to start adding in MCM decor, you might try starting with something like artwork or rugs as those can be relatively inexpensive and make a big impact.

Feeling more adventurous? Check out my post with 6 Mid Century Modern Chandeliers for more inspiration.

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