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Minimal Farmhouse Living Room Essentials

Are you looking to incorporate farm house elements into your home but not sure exactly where to start? Worried it might feel too trendy or cluttered? Well, I’ve got you covered with easy essentials to create a timeless minimal farmhouse living room!

minimal farmhouse living room

My home design perspective has definitely evolved over time. In general, I like spaces that feel both minimal and cozy without feeling trendy.

Farmhouse decor is definitely warm and inviting, but it can also feel trendy (like someone just completed a major Home Goods haul) and is sometimes pretty cluttered.

The trick, I think, is keeping it authentic, classic, and understated.

Minimal Farmhouse Living Room Essentials

arched mantel mirror on fireplace
Arched Mantel Mirror

There are a few key elements to modern farmhouse design:

  • Lots of black & white. From white paint to black hardware, this is a key color palette. (Curious about what paints to try? Check out my favorite Neutral Paint Colors)
  • Natural Wood Elements. This is easily included with tables (I’ve rounded up my favorite console tables) chairs, and shelving.
  • Add a variety of textures with items like pillows, metal hardware, and ceramic vessels.
  • Bring in nature with plants, dried stems, or other real natural items (I keep branches, wood pieces, antlers, and even a tumbleweed in my styling arsenal).
minimal farmhouse living room home decor essentials
  1. Pasture Landscape Art Print
  2. Mantel Mirror
  3. Wood Esters Armchair
  4. Vintage Inspired Accent Rug
  5. Rubber Plant for Greenery
  6. White Bud Vases
  7. Woven Basket
  8. Wood and Metal Coffee Table
modern living room area with subtle farm house decor

After the remodel, I styled this living room area starting with a blank slate of white wall paint (Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore).

Then, I added a texture floor rug and anchored the space with neutral furniture pieces (like the vintage dresser – one of my favorite finds!). Also, I included home decor details with a coffee table basket, ceramic vases, and a constant rotation of plants and stems.

Not sure how to pull all this together? Check out my post, How to Decorate a Room From Start to Finish for a complete step by step guide to redecorating a room.


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