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Modern Table Lamps Under $100

There are a few things I think every room needs. Table lamps definitely make this list. Actually, almost any piece that is both lovely and functional will always make my home decor VIP list. Not only do lamps add that extra layer of light (read more on that below), they also provide height, something most rooms positively beg for. There are so many options out there, how to choose the right one? Well, I’ve curated my list of favorite table lamps under $100 and sharing some easy to follow tips on how to select the right lamp for your space.

bedroom dresser with woven table lamp and other home decor

Here, I added texture to this black and white space with a Seagrass Table Lamp – it’s one of my favorites!

Lamp Tips: It’s in the Details!

  • Table Lamps work best when the bottom of shade is at or below eye level
  • Consider proportions: a lamp should not be more than 1.5x taller than what it’s placed on (so no tall lamps on low tables)
  • Table Lamps do not need to match exactly
  • Choose rounded lamp bases if a room has a lot of straight lines (most do)
  • Add texture to a space with woven or ceramic bases and linen shades

Table Lamps Under $100

From living room lamps to bedroom side table lamps, I’ve rounded up some of my very favorites. These neutral table lamps work with a variety of decor and all come in under $100 (many much, much less), making them a piece of home decor that’s easy to integrate into your space.

modern table lamps under $100
  1. Sculptural Wood Base Lamp – this would look pretty on a black table and in a space that needs some shape and movement
  2. Round Black Table Lamp – perfect for traditional or transitional rooms
  3. Neutral Speckled Table Light – a sweet little lamp that would be great in bedrooms or a small table
  4. Gray Resin Lamp – modern classic, this light is one of the most versatile
  5. Seagrass Table Lamp – any woven lamp is a natural fit for coastal decor but this design also looks great in modern boho spaces
  6. Off White Ribbed Ceramic Lamp – modern and minimal all the way!
  7. Wood Teardrop Lamp Base – the dark wood tones make this is perfect fit for mid century modern styles
  8. Textured Ceramic Lamp – this beauty would look great with many spaces like coastal, transitional, and boho
  9. Black Ceramic Table Base – the dark matte black makes this modern and the shape mixes well with transitional

Table Lamp Details

Many lamp bases and shades are sold separately. This can means you can end up a with a lamp you love. But it also means it can be overwhelming to choose all the pieces! I’ve found that a few lamp shade details work with a variety of home decor:

  • Off White
  • Drum shape or slightly angled shape
  • Linen texture

I’ve used this Linen Lamp Shade and have had my eye on this Soft White Drum Shade. Now, how to choose light bulbs? Check out my entire post on Warm vs Cool Lighting – you want to make sure your lamp has the right one!

Do Table Lamps Need to Match?

A resounding no! Gone are the days of matchy match pillows and lamps. In fact, spaces feel more authentic with complementary but not exactly matched lamps. Just keep the decor styles the same or coordinating like Modern and Transitional or Mid- century and Minimalist and it will feel natural.

How to Choose a Lamp?

First, look for height and size. The bottom of shade should be at or below eye level and the overall lamp height should not be more than 1.5 x taller than the table.

With that in mind, now the fun details! Choose material, color, and shape cased on what the room needs. If the room has all straight lines, choose a round lamp base. Look at the wall paint and choose a contrasting color. If the room has a lot of flat surfaces, add dimension with linen shades or textured bases.

living room with jute pouf, dresser, and table lamp

I hope this round up of modern table lamps under $100 provide some options and inspiration for your home! While you’re here, check out these additional lighting posts: