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Minimal Rectangle Coffee Tables

Sometimes, even the most basic of furniture pieces can be tricky to find! Items like coffee tables can often be an afterthought until we realize there’s not enough room, too much space, or everything is too bulky. These are common living room woes. Well, I’ll break it all down here, including when to choose rectangle coffee tables, what size, and how to style them, plus my curated list of favorites!

transitional living room with rectangle coffee table

What size coffee table for my couch?

This is a great question. Mainly because it’s a little like goldilocks. Many living rooms suffer from a table too small or too large.

So, to find the right proportion, choose a coffee table that is about 2/3 the length of the couch. If it’s a sectional, just measure the length of the horizontal seating area.

Feeling adventurous? Check out my easy DIY coffee table for a simple project.

rectangle coffee tables

Minimal Rectangle Coffee Tables:

  1. Oak Rectangular Coffee Table – this one is perfect for a coastal design style
  2. Black Rectangle Coffee Table – also available in a light wood
  3. Acacia Wood Coffee Table – subtle nod towards mid century modern style
  4. Wood and Metal Coffee Table – perfect for transitional and modern spaces
  5. Black Metal Coffee Table – minimal modern vibes with this one
  6. Traditional Wood Rectangle Coffee Table – works well with modern farmhouse or traditional decor styles
modern living room with wood coffee table

Should I get a round or rectangle coffee table?

Deciding between a round or rectangle coffee table can be tough! There are a few things to consider for each option.

Generally, rectangle coffee tables work well in larger spaces or more traditional layouts with a standard couch and adjacent accent chairs.

Round coffee tables are a great option in smaller cozier spaces where extra foot room around the table is needed. They also add visual contrast to a room that might otherwise have mostly boxy, squared furniture.

Round Coffee Tables

Looking for round coffee tables? Check out my post with tips and curated favorites.

How to style a rectangle coffee table?

At first, styling a rectangular table can feel tricky. It might look too sparse or too cluttered. However, with a few quick tips, it’s easy to style naturally.

First, I like to think of three main items such as a vase, books, and a candle. Next, think of choosing proportionate items. A bigger table simply needs a bigger vase.

Finally, loosely group items along a line, following the rectangular shape of the table.

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