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Natural Fall Home Decor Ideas

If you’re wondering how to style your space for fall without a lot of over the top pumpkins and orange, I’ve got some ideas for you! For me, autumn is like that lovely golden hour of warmth, soft light, and coziness. I like to bring that same feeling into our home. As I settle into our new house, I’m excited to team up with Joann for my living room styling and am sharing some of my natural fall home decor ideas.

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1. Use Dried Stems and Greenery

Plants and flowers all add a little life to our space. Year round, but especially during fall, I prefer using dried stems. From eucalytpus to wheat and pompus, dried stems add a lot of texture and shape.

Joann has a lot of dried floral options and I created a lovely mix:

2. Mix In Year Round Decor Items

To keep things feeling authentic throughout the seasons, I like to use versatile items year round. Something like a White Grooved Ceramic Vase can take on a whole new vibe depending on how it’s filled.

I like to mix in seasonal stems, like dried Tulip Stars, with Eucalyptus which looks great at any point. This feels like natural fall home decor in a very subtle and authentic way.

3. Add Warm Decor

Of course, I love a good cozy factor year round, but fall require an extra dose of warmth.

In keeping with my neutral and authentic style, I like to use warm colors like browns, beiges, terra cottas, and off whites to create that warm glow. Here, I added this Terra Cotta Pot for that extra bit of warmth.

Additionally, warm woods and actual candles go a long way in conveying those late summer cozy vibes.

Fall Shelf Decor

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4. Use Natural Elements

Another way to style for fall is to use actual, honest to goodness natural elements. I mean, this is the season of harvest right?

I like to keep things subdued by using natural elements in careful ways. Think jute rugs, woven pillows, wood bowls, and Sandstone Vases. Highlighting these pieces also usually includes adding texture which is one of the 7 Elements of Design. These create a balanced space!

More Seasonal Decor Ideas

As you think about other ways to authentically decorate for autumn and other seasons, starting with neutral paint colors and your own interior design style can really help! I hope these ideas help to style your home naturally for fall.