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How to Install Wall Sconces Without Wiring

Every now and then we all need a good quick and easy decor hack. I’m all about going the extra mile and getting things just right, but sometimes the hack beats out the original! For me, installing these sconces without electricity is exactly that kind of decor trick! These lights took our room to the next level. Check out how easy it is to install wall sconces without wiring!

installing a wall sconce without hard wiring

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{UPDATE 2/23}: I know this trick has worked for so many of you! While I think it’s still a handy DIY trick, I’m also happy to share that there are now so many Battery Operated Wall Sconces now available! I’ll include some of my favorite wall lights here, but keep reading to see how I used puck lights for these sconces.


wall sconces without electricity for an easy home decor DIY

You might recognize this space from my One Room Challenge project. For the entire year we lived here, this room always bugged me. This boxy room with narrow, blank walls next to the fireplace needed something. But what?

black wall sconce with puck light for lighting without hard wiring

After a lot of thinking, I decided on black metal wall sconces. They provided a bit of architectural detail, contrast, and could be functional to add a glow to this room which needed a cozy factor.

However, hardwiring was not an option given the budget and time.

I also considered plug in lights but the outlets were not in ideal placement and I didn’t want to mess with the cord. Soo… I installed the wall sconces to the wall with screws and used battery lights instead of hardwiring!


How to Install Wall Sconces Without Wiring

First, choose appropriate wall sconces. For obvious reasons, ones with a closed shade work best so you do not see the puck light. It’s also important to choose one that has a wide enough base to attach the puck light. I opted for these Black & Brass Armed Sconces.

puck lights for easy DIY wall sconce without electricity
Tap puck lights with sticky backing

Then, I selected the puck lights (they are about the size of pucks, sooo). I chose these exact lights on Amazon because I have no interest venturing out to a hardware store right now.

adhesive puck lights for wireless wall sconces

These battery operated push lights with a strong sticky backing require no wiring and are super versatile.

attaching puck light to wall sconce

Then, I simply removed the backing from the puck lights and stuck them inside of the wall sconce shade.

sconce fixture with battery puck light for easy DIY wall light

Honestly, there wasn’t much for it to stick, just the light bulb socket, but they’ve stayed on and are super functional!

I chose the warm white lights which is what I go with for all of our lighting. At night, I love the warm glow it adds.

modern wall sconces
  1. Black and Brass Armed Sconce
  2. Minimalist Brass Wall Sconce
  3. Ceramic Wall Sconce
  4. Matte Black Sconce
  5. Mid-Century Wall Sconce
  6. Rounded White Wall Sconce
wall sconce without wiring
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