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Small Bathroom Remodel Reveal

Hooray! It’s only been 5 short months and we finally have our small bathroom remodel completed. This project definitely moved at a snail’s pace and was finished long after we moved in. But, I am so happy with how it turned out and am excited to share it with you now!

bathroom with black vanity and white tile
Our updated monochromatic powder room

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outdated bathroom
Here’s the bathroom before our remodel

Bathroom Remodel Process:

We originally demo’d this bathroom along with the other rooms on the main floor back in May. Then we slowly put it back together piece by piece.

I gathered up some Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration and overall Remodel Inspiration first, but definitely went with a more modern vibe.

penny tile floor installation

Bathroom Flooring

I really love penny tile floors. And, after demo, I really thought I would be able to lay them myself. Well, it didn’t work (look at how you can see the tile block lines – eeeks!)

So that was an epic fail which set us back some serious time and money. Seriously, I still can’t talk about it.

Because this bathroom does not have a shower, I felt confident continuing the white oak floors from the hallway into here. Had I planned ahead, I would’ve gone with something else ( possibly something from my Wood Flooring Options Guide) but things were on a tight deadline at this point so….

white subway tile half wall in bathroom

Subway Tile Half Wall

After the floors were installed, I put in a half wall of white subway tile. This gave the boring boxy space some design interest, but also felt pretty classic (never feels good to change your mind about tile later on…)

From there, we moved at a pretty consistent pace of completing one thing a month! I mean, as long as there’s a toilet what’s the rush? (Sure, I can laugh now…)

toilet installation
My brother & son preparing for toilet install

Bathroom Toilet

Even though I was trying to stay on a tight budget, I had to take advantage of the opportunity to change out the toilet and opted for this Toto model. The previous one worked fine but was definitely dated and very used…

Pro tip:

In all my remodels, I usually try to optimize the labor and cost by replacing things that will likely need to be switched out in the near future. In the long run, it’s usually cost effective to do it this way.

So, hello new toilet!

installing a bathroom vanity

Bathroom Vanity

Keeping with my love for contrast, I opted for a Black Sink Vanity to keep it classic. I love the fresh, clean vibes of a black and white bathroom.

There were so many variable to choosing even this small vanity so here was my checklist:

  • Single undermount sink – centered! Unless it’s necessary to have it otherwise, centering the sink is crucial
  • Light colored countertop – I love the look of this one, but the marble did not ultimately hold up well
  • No backsplash – since I installed the tile, I did not want the tiny little backsplash often included
  • Storage – I went with a mix of drawers, cabinets, and shelf for maximum small space storage

Faucets generally are sold separately and I love the look of separate handles so I needed a vanity with the three holes. This Faucet Guide from The Spruce is helpful in going over all the different types of faucets.

black and white bathroom remodel with gold light fixture

Bathroom Light Fixture

Light fixtures are an easy way to add a design element or style. For this small bathroom remodel, I wanted the space to feel classic but with a little edge and fun. I chose a geometric, brass light fixture for this very reason!

Check out my post with 8 Modern Bathroom Vanity Lights for more easy update ideas.

bathroom shelf above toilet

Above The Toilet Shelving

After I painted the accent wall a dark, charcoal grayish black (Iron Ore – one of my favorite neutral paint colors), I added shelving above the toilet. This is by far one of favorite ways of making the best use of the extra space above the toilet.

I simply used two 24″ long boards and simple 5″ black L brackets. These shelves are a great place to store extra wash cloths, room spray, and other bathroom supplies.

Pro tip:

Hardware stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s or even smaller stores that carry lumber will cut the boards down to the length you want for free. So you don’t even need a saw to make shelves! I used a 1″ x 6″ (which actually measures .75″ x 5.5″) and had it cut to 24″ long.

small bathroom remodel mood board

Small Bathroom Remodel Sources:

more bathroom remodel inspiration:

While this remodel was a full transformation, I also updated another bathroom with more DIY friendly projects. Check out my DIY Bathroom Makeover for tips on painting tile floors, framing out a mirror, and changes that make the biggest impact.

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