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Simple Round Coffee Tables Under $600

Finding a good coffee table can be easier said than done! Deciding between shapes and sizes is enough to make your head spin. Round tables are a good option for many living rooms since they are pretty versatile and some even offer storage. Over the years, I’ve kept a running list of my favorites that I refer to again and again. To help with your living room design, I’m sharing these simple round coffee tables with you to help make your decorating process easier!

poly and bark goa wood coffee table for natural living room
source: round wood coffee table – Poly & Bark Goa Table

After working on many living room spaces, I’ve found that round tables can make a space feel cozy and invite conversation. The round shape helps a living room flow – you know, no awkward side stepping or navigating around sharp corners.

What’s Your Interior Design Style?

Round tables are also an all-star at mixing up what is our typical boxy furniture. We want balances shapes in a room and often, living rooms just have a bunch of straight lines which, while we may not know it exactly, we can sense that the room feels flat.

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Consistent with my designs, I look for affordable coffee tables with clean lines. Here are some of my favorites, including mostly round wood coffee tables but some metal and woven options for fun!

round coffee tables
  1. Streamlined Wood and Metal Coffee Table
  2. Black Coffee Table with Storage or similar Black Round Coffee Table
  3. Round Wood Coffee Table
  4. Woven Coffee Table
  5. Modern Black Circle Coffee Table
  6. Round Pedestal Table
  7. Natural Round Wood Coffee Table
  8. Tray Coffee Table with 4 Legs

Why Choose a Round Coffee Table?

There are a few reasons a round table might work better in a space instead of a rectangular table.

  • Space: When thinking about the room walking path, a round table might make it easier to get from one area to another. For example, round tables work well with sectionals. Since space is one of the key aspects of balance design, this is a good way to achieve that! (Check out my guide to 7 Elements of Interior Design and how to add them to your space.)
  • Function: Round tables invite a gathering. So if you want people to cozy up around the space to drink, chat, or play games, it might be a good option.
  • Contrast: If a lot of the furniture in a room is already square, adding a round table is a good way to break up the boxiness.
white oak coffee table
source: Mc Gee & Co. Circle Coffee Table

Is a round table better for small spaces?

Generally speaking, round tables work well in small spaces. They reduce bumping and taking up pathways.

However, some round tables, like those with 3-4 legs can actually take up quite a bit of room. To maximize small spaces look for tables with a minimal overall footprint and other features like a shelf for storage.

Thinking you’d like something more squared? Check out my favorite Rectangle Coffee Tables here.

living room with round coffee table
Table Willow Wood and Metal Table from West Elm

What size should a coffee table be?

Round coffee tables vary greatly in size. You’ll want to consider the proportion to the couch or sectional as well as size of entire room. Check out my Living Room Couch Ideas for a curated list of options.

For smaller spaces, look for round tables with a diameter of 28″ – 32.”

If you’re looking for a rectangle table, check out my modern DIY coffee table project, it’s crazy how beautiful and easy it is!

How to Style a Round Coffee Table?

When styling a round table, think of it in thirds. Include a grouping of 3 items, layering them together either centered or slightly off center.

For examples, you might include a vase, a stack of books, and a candle.

Check out my Home Decor Coffee Table Books to get started and my Shelf Styling Decor Guide which includes a lot of great option for table styling.

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